The College of Wooster Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are over 100 student groups/clubs on campus you can get involved in. There are so many options and opportunities that students rarely find themselves bored. More often, students find themselves over-involved and extremely active in campus life. Greek life is one way to get involved, but it is by no means the only way. Greek groups at Wooster are very different from those at other colleges, as all of them are locally founded social groups when the national sororities and fraternities were disbanded in the early 1900s. Some are as old as 1914, and others as recent as the 1992. The Greeks on campus do a lot of volunteer service in Wooster and, for me, it continues to be a great way to give back to the community. Each group has a house on campus, but they are scattered among other program houses (there is no "greek row"). When Greek groups throw parties, they always open up to the entire campus. Only 10% of campus is part of Greek life. There is always a lot to do on the weekends, whether or not you want to participate in the party scene. Late night activities crew organizes craft nights, movie nights, etc. and Common Grounds is a student-run coffee shop that has karaoke nights and Wii Wednesdays, as an alternative to Woo Wednesdays (the one night during the school week you will find students partying). We have an on-campus bar and club called The Underground where students can go on Friday nights for a DJed dance party or on Saturday night for COVERS, where you can see your friends' bands perform live. No matter what day of the week you find yourself up late, Mom's is open until 3am to serve up diner foods like burgers, fries, egg-and-cheese bagels, and milkshakes.


Sports events are generally well attended. We don't have the greatest facilities for all our sports, but that is going to change next year with our new rec center. School spirit is really good, and students show great support for their friends and teammates. Weekends are your choice. There are plenty of parties to attend, but many students choose not too. Not being into the party scene myself, I either just hang out with some friends or head to the north end to the movie theater or something.


It's very rare to find a Wooster student who is not involved on campus whether it's in student organizations, athletics, volunteer work, or Greek life. At Wooster we have over 120 student groups and organizations that usually keep most of our students busy during the school year. One of them, Wooster Activities Crew, is always planning different events for students each week, whether it's a comedian, a concert, or a movie viewing. The Wooster Volunteer Network is another large student organization that plans volunteering projects both on and off campus for students to get involved in. One thing about our student body is that not only do students get involved but they usually get involved in a number of activities. So many groups of friends overlap because of different activities they are involved in that it's really hard to distinguish different groups of students. Although Greek life is definitely part of student life, making up 10% of the student body, both Greeks and non-Greek students work extremely well together. In general, there's never a gap between different student groups.


One main characteristic of a Wooster student is to be involved in many different activities at the same time. As a sophomore I am involved in Model United Nations, was on the Freshman planning committee, work as a tour guide in the admissions office, and am a member of a sorority. This allows students to create many different and diverse groups of friends and to be very involved in their college community.


Wooster is not in a big city so you don't have the party atmosphere that you'll find at Pitt, WVU, Ohio State, which is good (or bad if you like that atmosphere). Even so, there is lots to do and a great social circle at Wooster. Lots of students leave their door rooms open and the housing facilities encourage interaction.


Athletics are very popular at Wooster. There is also a large activities crew which organizes really neat things on campus every week. Students are often working campus jobs all over campus so you see them involved in every aspect of Wooster. Students are very open and the halls always have activity with people coming and going, most halls have a good community built through the personal attention and time residential life dedicates to creating a good atmosphere in the dorms. There are always guest speakers on campus. Musical artists, comedians, politicians. We had Joe Biden speak earlier this year! There is always activity at night. You'll find students in the 24-hour computer lab the 'Wired Scot'. At 2 AM you can always find our 'Mom's Diner' full of students still studying, watching tv or just having some pancakes with their friends. Parties are very prevalent on campus during the weekends, but students can always find alternative things to do. There is a bowling alley on campus. Two movie theatres near by. There is a dance club on campus called the underground that has a DJ every Friday from 10PM-2AM. And a campus bar with a popular happy hour. Greek life doesn't have a huge presence on campus, although there are many greek groups. Many students choose not to be involved in greek life because there are many other ways on campus to get to know people. Greek life at Wooster also doesn't play a huge role, because greek groups are friends with everyone. An alpha-gamma will be friends with a Zeta or a member of the field hockey team. There are not defined barriers between groups.