The College of Wooster Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?




All of my professors, past and present, know more than just my name… they know what activities I’m involved in and genuinely care about how I’m doing. It’s not uncommon to call your professor at home for homework help or to go to their house for dinner. The student and faculty relationships at Wooster are fostered in the small class sizes, where individualized attention is given to each and every student. It's my favorite part about the college! If I could change one thing about Wooster, it would be the long winter we have here, just south and west of Cleveland, OH. It gets to be very cold, and we always have snow in the winter months. You become accustomed to it though - after all, we wouldn't be able to attempt to fill The Arch every winter without all the snow! Wooster is the ideal size for a student who enjoys seeing new faces everyday, but is also likely to see at least five familiar ones on the way to class. At about 2,000 students, Wooster is just big enough that you don't have to feel "trapped", yet small enough that you will know or at least recognize at least one other person in every one of your classes. Back home in the MD/DC area, when I tell people I go to Wooster, I get one of three reactions. 1) "Wow, I know someone who goes there! It's kind of a small school... but he/she loves it there." 2) "Wait, is that the college in Massachusetts?" 3) "Huh, I've never heard of that." I guarantee that anyone who has read "40 Colleges that Change Lives" or has a relative or friend that attended Wooster will know about the college. I like to think we're a well-kept secret. Wooster is a small town in Ohio, but only an hour away from Cleveland and 40-45 minutes away from Akron. So if you want to go to a large shopping mall, professional sporting event, or concert venue, it isn't too far away. The Wooster Activities Crew (WAC) provides ample opportunities to get off campus to go on a ski trip, to go to Cedar Point, or even to see a Cavaliers/Indians game. The town of Wooster itself is really great for exploring the plethora of mom-and-pop shops. In the North End (away from downtown), you've got more commercialized options including Chipotle, Panera, Kohl's, Best Buy, and of course Walmart. I have been extremely impressed with the administration at Wooster. Everything seems to run pretty smoothly, and they ask for student input on practically everything that affects us. There are also many opportunities to interact with the deans and members of the administration by being a part of student/faculty committees, Campus Council, and Student Government. For a Division III school, Wooster's got a ton of school spirit! We always get a great turnout for sporting events as well as theater performances and dance concerts. Because it is a small school, it isn't unlikely that the starting quarterback or female lead in the play will be in your class. Overall, I've got nothing but great things to say about Wooster. If it's on your list of schools you're applying to, I'd highly encourage you to take the time to come and visit campus. Seeing the students and observing a class here made my decision to come here a no-brainer.


Wooster is very comfortable. Most everyone is very kind, and it is difficult to feel like an outsider. Everyone that works on campus, from professors to security guards, works hard to give students a place that they can accomplish their best work and enjoy it at the same time.


My favorite thing about Wooster and really the reason why I chose it over other schools, was the community feel here that I didn't find in other colleges I visited. With a population of 2,000 students, Wooster really feels like a tight-knit community. I love being able to walk to our cafeteria and know most of the people I run into while I still get the chance to meet new people everyday.


Wooster is a close knit community. It is a school were students, faculty, staff, and the local community all interact and all know each other. The faculty know each of their students personally. They know each students name, strengths, and weaknesses allowing them to push every student to their true potential!


A good sized (1600 students) liberal arts college that gives you the freedom to pursue what really interests you. Highly dedicated professors. Great support staff. Wonderful and beautiful campus (Wooster really is one of the prettiest campuses in America).


The best thing about Wooster are the students and the connection they have to the faculty and greater Wooster community. Each student receives very personal attention in each class and especially in the area of study they wish to pursue through the independent study project. The size of the school is just right. You can walk around on campus and recognize mostly everyone, but at the same time you are always meeting new people through your classes, different events, groups, and parties. I think the Wooster administration is VERY open to new ideas and they work hard to be receptive to our ideas and thoughts on how to make Wooster a better place. I think as a small town, Wooster has a lot of things to offer. There are surprisingly good restaurants downtown and although there is not a big night scene, students on campus ensure that there is always something going on at night at school. Wooster definitely has a lot of school pride, this is especially witnessed through involvement in athletics and the large attendance of athletic events on campus. The most frequent complaints at Wooster are about the small town atmosphere, but there are always things to do if you are willing to seek them out. Also, students constantly complain about the food offered at school, but doesn't everyone? Wooster tries to offer a variety of places to eat on campus and a healthy variety within dining halls.