The College of Wooster Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


One who wants to explore the reaches of the earth in a variety of fun, unique, and interesting classes and evolve into a well-rounded young adult with wonderful critical thinking skills. A student at Wooster wants to learn about not just their own area of interest, but about so many other world-wide interests they may not have an opportunity to do elsewhere. This person wants to take a fun new opportunity and go with it!


People who like both partying and studying in a small liberal arts school should attend with expectations of high demand, yet enjoyable--on the whole--classes.


Somebody who doesn;t want to go to a school where people are classifiable as one type or another. Students here should be friendly and unpretentious, because Wooster students do not tolerate uppity attitudes.


Anyone who is interested in a liberal arts education at an institution that is not super competative. Anyone who is looking for small class sizes and caring professors that you get to know personally.


Someone who will be able to take a heavy class load, who knows what direction they want to take with whatever major they choose, and someone who is very goal driven. Slackers will fall behind quickly and not be able to catch up once that has happened.


Someone who wants to have fun, but realize they have to put academics first.


A friendly academic who loves to learn in and outside the classroom through peers, meetings with professors, organized activities, and school-provided opportunities should attend this school. They should be creative and open learners and trust that the liberal arts education will make them a well-rounded person ready for whichever career they choose. Students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and each person should be ready to learn from one another during their four years here. Usually, those persons have a sucessful college career here with long-lasting, learning relationships.


Someone who wants a smaller environment that is academically focused and would like to do an independent study project with the support of faculty members knowledgable in that discpline.


Someone who cares about learning and growing more both academically and personally.


The type of person who should attend Wooster should be someone who is interested in learning and meeting new people. You are guarenteed to meet almost everyone on campus by the time you graduate. The person should also be able to talk easily with people beacause to succeed here you have to be able to talk with other students and professors. The interaction with the professors is one of the key elements to getting through classes.


While there isn't an ideal "Wooster student," smart students who are used to be challenged and like to think out of the box tend to be the most successful.


Laid-back, academically enthusiastic person who wants to learn and interact closely with professors and other students.


Anyone. There is a group of people for anyone!!!