The College of Wooster Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


When classes let out just ten minutes before noon, it is always a mad dash to the dining halls. While I prefer one dining hall over the other, it is completely frustrating waiting in line just to get a place to eat. Not to mention that everyone loves the same dining hall I do, so finding a seat is always a complete hassel. The College is great, I can't complain. However, when lunch rolls around on the week days, it's extremely frustrating trying to get in line to get in the hall, find a table, and get food.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it gets really cold in the winter. The Midwest is known to have four seasons in one week.




The school is so small and everybody knows everyone else through other people, so rumors spread around campus that are not always true but it gets to people so quickly and they are likely to believe it. Also, some of the staff and counselors on campus do a poor job of helping students through my experience, and some of the upper level faculty are not the most sociable or approachable people.


I'm not really frustrated by my school much, and the things that did bother me the school has been gradually taking care of. I guess the most frustrating thing is how infrequently certain classes are offered, and how limiting that is to planning one's academic career. That said, the school is as accomodating as possible when these problems come up.


It's a very small city so there isn't a lot to do at the weekends. The school also does not really support Greek life which is frustrating at times.


The meal plan was a problem when I went there, but they've since fixed it.


The abundance of drinking (but it's no more than any other campus)


It is maddeningly difficult to get students to commit to extracurricular activities. Freshmen and Sophomores have the time, but not the time management skills to set aside time. Juniors and Seniors know how to manage their time, but have less of it. I believe many students are simply too busy to get involved outside of class -- the idea of taking on more responsibilities, rather than relaxing after a day of studying, is too much. This makes volunteer and other organizing extremely difficult.


Its isolation and distance from big cities