The Community College of Baltimore County Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The galleries on the campuses


Mostly I brag about how mentally tasking and challenging it is to earn a good grade in any subject at the Community College of Baltimore County as compared,I believe,with other schools I have been before or have been opportuned to see their curriculum - in terms of the quantity and quality of materials offered,also quality of personnel(academic and non-academic).In a nutshell,this college will bring the very best out of you,serving as a sound platform equiping you for even greater challenges of higher academic pursuit.


When I am talking to my friends about my school, I often bring up the fact that the location is awesome. For instance, most college students drive but unfortunately I do not have my own vehicle yet, so the good thing is that the MTA is very useful. It drops us off right in front of the building. Also since The Community College of Baltimore County is increasing in student life daily, finding parking spaces often tends to be difficult, which could possibly make you late for class. The Maryland public transportation is very convient and reliable and saves time.


To be honest I don't. Don't get me wrong CCBC is a good school. If CCBC comes up in a conversation its about how easy it is. Or how i want to get out of their so I can get a harder education program. I want to be able to tell someone I strived to get good grades and a good education.


I tell my friends how my school gives you alot of knowledge and help to get you thorugh the class with a passing grade. Also, to be a community college, the professors get you prepared to transfer to a four year college of your liking and according to your major. In addition, the school offers various programs of your interest such as sports, art, theatre, dance, etc. After these examples my friends are sure to believe it's a great two year college to attend.


I am not much of a bragger. When I told my mother about CCBC Essex campus, I basically explained to her that the campus was in a great location because it was walking distance from my home. I was also able to ride metro transportation if needed because the bus station was centrally located near the campus. I remember also explaining that the grades are posted very quickly, which I like very much. I also felt that the coffee sold on campus was delicious and affordable. That is very important to me because I need my coffee in the mornings.


The best thing about my school is its small size. It is easy to get to classes and the smaller class sizes help students feel like individuals, not just numbers.

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