The Evergreen State College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Evergreen are some of the best and worst people I have ever met. In my freshman class there were a lot of people who decided to go to Evergreen because it looked easy and then they partied too much and dropped out. The ones who came to Evergreen for academic purposes and who worked and will continue to work and succeed are wonderful people. Evergreen is also full of unique and diverse people who for the most part are incredibly socially aware.




When I think of Evergreen State College, I think of music, experimentation, warmth and hospitality, a rain forest, everything and anything possible- the most eclectic student body in the country!


Most of my classmates are unique individuals. They are very accepting of people that identify as another gender besides the typical "male" and "female" genders. They all come from different backgrounds and have a lot to contribute to the classroom setting. There are students that are considered freshman, but not the typical "fresh out of high school" students. They are persons that took a break from school, worked, and decided to return and get an education. My classroom is very unique in the sense that it is very diverse. You don't see a lot of that in college.


diverse and positive for the most part though as is the Tacoma campus is small and white is a minority.


My classmates are largely the privilieged caucasian children of the middleclass, though they are also largely open minded and open to expanding their cultural awareness.


A range of ages and backgrounds.


Lots of different people.


Eccentric and out-of-the-box thinkers.


An accepting liberal student body with personalities all over the spectrum, you'll be sure to find students to get along with.


My classmates are friendly and helpful


open minded and caring


Diverse in their views and upbringings, but flexible and willing to collabroate in a cohesive way.


My classmates are all extremely different but for the most part very friendly and nice.


My classmates are organizers.


My classmates are either brilliant or apathetic.


Well intentioned and intelligent with minimal drive for advanced concepts.


There is enormous variety in people here. In the audio program I am involved in, everyone is very committed and intelligent. I genuinely enjoy working with my peers on collaborative projects, and their insights enhance my own education.


Very open minded, friendly and secure.


Positives on campus are: Intelligent, interesting, and invested; negatives are: immaturity (in some cases).


My classmates are a mix of rich white kids from the East coast, older residents of WA returning to school and poorer kids trying to take advantage of low tuition rates in-state.


Adults full of childish television stereotypes, with no backbone unless validated by the "group." Few have ever read the Bible as literature or even know about the Grange or monopolies. The word "citizen" is foreign and they behave as subjects in a monarchy or consumers in a corporate welfare state; not sovereigns of their own destinies.


Each discussion with classmates, whether in or out of allotted class periods, presents a unique learning opportunity, enhanced insight on diverse perspectives, and a genuine, heartfelt passion for implementing ideas of environmental and social justice.


Evergreen students are diverse in their interests and opinions; they might be champions for social justice, scientists discovering new truths through a microscope, tree-huggers trying to save our planet, or even undecided freshmen searching for their true path, but they all share a common trait: they are all passionate about what they are here to learn.


My classmates are open minded, funny and we just feel like a crazy mixed family.


My peers cannot simply be put into one short-lived sentence. I suppose though, if I were to really keep it brief, I could leave it as follows hereafter. The dynamic interrelating interactions between your peers and seminar discussion you both participate at The Evergreen State College, has shown me just how wonderful, free, open-minded, intellectual, and multi-faceted the students here are.


Classmates come from all walks of life and all ages. Very interactive discussions. Classmates are very helpful to each other.


I really have no idea!!


My classmates are extremely individually people with strong opinions. They know who they are and what they beleive but are open to others.


Classmates are generally very friendly, open-minded, and creative.


Lifetime learners.


Social, opinionated, open-minded


my classmates at evergreen are wonderful! they are engaging and intelligent. willing to help and often bring a lot to the conversation. my classmates are always prepared for class and are excited to be in class.


Educated people who want the best for the world.


Bright from many backgrounds.


Evergreen fosters diverse perspectives and lifestyles. The campus demographics are not particularly diverse, and the majority of students are white from solid middle class backgrounds. There are a variety of subcultures on campus, and most students believe that social awareness and sustainability are important. The college is small enough that most people have some connection with one another by the time they graduate. Students are primarily liberal, environmentally conscious, and active in a student group or community project.


Evergreen is a liberal minded kind of place, so no one can really figure out why it is mostly populated by a bunch of white kids. other than the minority issue, Evergreen is really the Breakfast Club of colleges, we have brains, jocks, princesses, basket cases and criminals. The common rule of Evergreen is that the further away from Washington the more respected it as a school. We get people from everywhere from New York to Japan.

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