The Evergreen State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Evergreen is best known for it's focus on interdisiplinary learning. At Evergreen you do not take four classes with one subject each, you take one class with 2-5 subjects that is taought by multiple faculty. This allows ideas to be more firmly cemented in a real-life perspective.


Evergreen is best known ofr experimental education; developing your own curriculum, elevating your education without tests and GPAs and grades as well as empowering the students to achieve whatever their mind and imagination is determined enough toexecute.


Freedom to study what one wants to.


It is best known for its progressive and socially liberal student body that is heavily passionate about local, national, and world issues. additionally, the students at evergreen care deeply about the environment and human rights issues.


Evergreen is committed to providing students with an interdisciplinary, reality-based, community-responsive liberal arts education. The curriculum integrates students' life experiences and goals with an emphasis on diverse cultural perspectives provides a unique opportunity for students to go into local communities and engage in research, education and problem-solving projects that are beneficial to communities and students. It offers students the ability to customize their program to meet specific academic and career goals, in a liberal arts program. The college engages in meaningful study and collective action for the purpose of making positive and lasting changes in America.


Narrative evaluations as opposed to a simplistic grade system. Students work is summarized in narrative form per quarter, or length of the program. Classes are taught in program form as opposed to in individual topic section which creates a very interdisciplinary approach to the topics at hand. It also means you are with the same teachers and students for the whole year at times as opposed to just that term.


vibrant interdisciplinary collaborative acedemic community.


liberal and unique program


Having no grades, just written evaluations and their team-taught interdisciplinary programs.


Sustainability studies. the ability to study anything that you want study as long as you have a teacher that will support you.


Evergreen definitely has a stoner-school, hippie, stupid activist reputation. The thing is that those people are the only people anyone really heard about. Evergreen grads are known to be very independent and capable. I think that this school graduates very adaptable students due to the kind of classes and learning and the social community. Evergreen is a very unique place that sometimes I feel only those who have been here can understand. We are also well known for being green and pretty liberal.


A hands-on education in a dynamic and diverse learning environment.


I'm not completely sure. I think the interdisciplinary classes are well known; it is hard to know what is thought of as its merits by someone from out of town. In town, the school is a bit disparaged, I think.


Interdisciplinary education and a focus on sustainability


Being a bunch of dirty hippies. OR being passionate and driven.


Our school is know best for two things: alternative education and being a notorious hippie-filled drug school. Those statements are both correct in their own regard; our education is incredible and I've learned more here than in my twelve years of school. There is a big influx of students who come here because the later reputation, but are not an accurate representation of this school.


hippies, trees and compost


Integrative, collaborative learning. True learning, rather than rote learning or memorization.


Evergreen has established a national reputation for leadership in developing innovative interdisciplinary, collaborative and team-taught academic programs. We have a vibrant undergraduate program, a graduate program, and public service centers that constitute a unique academic setting. Evergreen values a student-centered learning environment, a link between theory and practice, and a multicultural community of diverse faculty, students and staff working together


Being a "Hippie" School- A liberal arts college filled with smelly idealistic kids.


Evergreen State College is best known for being the school that uses evaulations instead of grades and teaches courses with the aim to broaden understanding throughout multiple disciplines.


The Evergreen State College imbues an essential element missing in most collegiate environments- innumerable opportunities and connections. The infinite growth capacity presents another exclusive aspect. The aura and reputation is why people who want to put theory into application enroll. This school has fundamentally altered the lens in which approaches to political, social, and environment fields are, viewed. We draw the lines between relationships of several disciplines using holistic perspectives. I love participating in an environment that enhances the lives of local to global communities, enhances the learning experience, and acts as an exemplary model for any college.


Evergreen is known for the importance it places on environmental protection; many of the buildings on campus are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and the college focuses on reducing waste and recycling. Evergreen's unique "program" system is also notable; students take only one program at a time, giving them the chance to focus on one topic while exploring it in an interdisciplinary fashion. Most importantly, Evergreen is best known for the freedom it gives to its students, allowing them to study what they choose, and create their own programs, which encourages self-motivation and keeps students interested in their studies.


Integration of curriculum by creating "programs" is Evergreen's strength. Intead of taking 3 different classes you sign up for a program that has all the elements integrated into it. The instructors work together to make the presentation comprehensive, interwoven and compelling in all areas.


No Grades! And the mascot is a Geo-Duck. (You'll have to Google/Bing's really odd.)


Greener living


The Evergreen State College is best known for its liberal arts, its heavy focus on sustainability and its open mindedness to racial, sexual and cultural differences.


Political freedoms, protesting, lack of a grading system, progressive thinking, friendly people.


For an engaging and demanding academic field. We have a different approach to learning, with our Evaluation system and intimate class sizes. We're on a first name basis with all of our proffesors and we're also known to be a very liberal small college.


A unique approach to acdemics which focuses on interdisciplinary learning. We don't get grades, we get evaluations. We have 1000 acres.


This school is SO accepting of different lifestyles. The students are provided with great opportunities to work in their related fields whether it be lab science, medicine, political science, psychology, arts, or anything really. The classes are small so there is a ton of one-on-one time with your faculty if you want. Working in groups is a really big part of the structure, as is what is known as "Seminar" to which two entire buildings are devoted, where faculty mediate discussions about class readings and assignments.


It gives you a lot of freedom to control your own education. It fosters creativity, community, and learning.


Its Environmental research, studies , sustainability and field work. There have been a lot of breakthroughs at Evergreen regarding the Environment. Also, it is known for its unique form of organization. Evergreen is known for a great of things, I first heard it reffered to as the "Hippie College". The local community (exluding people involved with campus) generally looks down on it, but apparently the further away from the college you get the more people like it!


Environmental Research


My school is best known for being an extremely liberal arts school with no grades.


Liberal arts, choose-your-own-path, study what you want to learn, no majors, student evaluations rather than grades.

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