The Evergreen State College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The campus has been catholicized using the black-magician's technique of taboo, fault, and introversion. Read Charles Higham's American Swastika ISBN -385178743 to learn how Father Coughlin and Catholics in Brooklyn advocated the overthrow of FDR in favor of Italy's, Spain's & Germany's fascism.


Seems like everyone during their freshman year find a group of friends and cling to them for the entire college career. You can normally find a party on weekends, but since the school started a crack down on parties my freshman year the parties have gotten worse and worse. At this point they have become lame parties populated by people just hoping someone has the balls to spike the punch after the RA leaves or twelve people getting shit-faced with the blinds drawn and hoping they aren't loud enough to make the cops come. You can go and party like Kid Rock over in the Glen, but just walking in the Glen at night is enough to get you an STD. If you do get to a party there without getting herpes they end to be a might sketchy, as is everything in the Glen.

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