The Evergreen State College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Evergreen has a strong sense of social justice, "Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve." I am proud of the fact that I attended synthesized classes from teachers who are culturally diverse and accomplished in their field. This is an alternative school for people who learn alternatively. The school is meant to challenge you mentally, emotionally, and get you out of your comfort zone. It accomplishes this in spades. I learned the most in my whole life attending Evergreen. I am proud to be a Greener!


I am proud to be a student of the Evergreen State College. We are a school full of hopeful, open-minded, critical thinkers. The curriculum is inherently interdisciplinary, allowing students to progress in ways they wouldn't have at a traditional western school. It builds a well-rounded student body, who then take their knowledge, and are able to apply problem solving across a multitude of real-world issues. We are not judged on the level of memorization, but the application of skills in various fields.


That I can be as weird as I want, the weirder the better!


The location is beautiful.


Evergreen's reputation pretty much speaks for itself: "that hippie school." It doesn't leave me much room for bragging rights.


It's nothing like any other school, but every single student is there for a reason; students and teachers alike are unique.


The ability to mold your own studies -- that you are in charge of everything you learn. Everybody on staff is so excited to help you get the classes you need to be able to do what you truly want to do in life.


The forest and surrounding outdoors is jawdropping. If you like going outside at all, you'll enjoy the campus.


The forest. I tell everyone that I live in a forest, with my own beach access. I also brag about not having grades but instead getting helpful and informative evaluations that will help me to become a better student, and intensive 16-credit programs that allow you to really focus on your subject and get to know your class.


How laid back everyone is. Not in a bad way though. Everyone's easy to talk to and I feel like I have been treated to all sorts of different ways of learning and people. I feel as if my mind has been expanded in a variety of different ways both socially and academically through school work and social groups. The interdisciplinary schooling system also prepares well-rounded students who are able to make connections between many things throughout their lives.


How much of my learning can be easily applied to everyday life. My personal growth.


I like that I can take a number of different classes from fiber arts to math.


The Evergreen State College offers a chance to really put a lot of yourself into your own education. Your success and failure is completely dependent on how much work and dedication you are willing to dedicate to your work. Going her has allowed me to work alongside other students who actually care about their education. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary approach that Evergreen favors allows me to lean how things like how Biology, Chemistry, and Ethics all tie in together in the field of medicine. There is a pioneering spirit here that cannot be found in many other American Schools.


I tell them about the beautiful location and the great extracurricular activities that Evergreen has to offer. I also like to brag about Evergreen's known status as a social activist location.


We can follow anything we are passionate about and don't have many systematic hoops to jump through. I love everything I have studied and have had amazing professors.


I tell them that I love the cultural and unique aspect of The Evergreen State College. Every student and faculty member are so different and excepting of each other's beliefs and lifestyles. There are also a lot of cultural events and speakers that occur on campus that are extremely inspiring and enjoyable. The classes are also very interesting and diverse. Not only is the personality of the school amazing, but the learning set up is too. Instead of grades at the end of the quarter, the teacher gives out evaluations of how you did in the class.


"Evergreen is diverse and accepting. It is comfortable and you always feel like you can be yourself."


When I brag about my school to others, I talk about the diversity in the teaching methods that soildify postive experences and foundation for personal growth.


When I talk about my school and what I love most about it is the fact that I feel that I have finally found my place in education and that I am really starting to find out who I am. School has always been hard for me. So this year I have really worked hard to find who I am and what I want my education to be about. Evergreen has given that to me.


When I tell people about Evergreen, I talk first talk about how there are no grades, but rather evaluations. What I brag about is the open and accepting campus and student population, and the integration of so many subjects and ideas into one program. I tell them about how great it is to go to a college where I actually care about my curriculum and learning because I am able to ask it questions and get what I want out of it. I will never regret my decision to go to this institution of higher learning.


There is so much to brag about! Evergreen is so environmentally friendly and yet still is always trying to become more self-sustaining. The students and professors are so enthusiastic about what they're doing...everyone wants to help everyone else succeed. But most of all, as a science student, Evergreen provides amazing opportunities that many graduate students don't even recieve, from working on real research, to becoming familiar with professionals in the field, to taking trips to national conferences.


The small class sizes, my teachers, and my learning enviornment. In addition, i usualy explain the evaluation process, and how it is often more challenging to get an outstanding eval than it is to recieve an A letter grade.


If they are attending college elsewhere I usaully brag about the grading system and the lack of prerequisits. Both of these features give you the chance to explore and improve on a personal level.


My friends from high-school tease me a bit for going to college here, and call me a hippie (which I am not, they don't even know what that means). They think it's a stoner school where you can get away with anything; well you can't. You can go to any other college, get a C- in a class and still receive all your credit. If an Evergreen student does C- quality work, it's totally embarassing! Not only do you not GET all your credit, but you get an essay from your professer all about it.


the environment and the classes aswell as the campus and off campus people


I talk about how unique it is, and how unique the teaching style is. We do not have seperate classes, we have full enganging programs at The Evergreen State College that allow for full-emersion in thier chosen program. We have exceptional and well-known faculty, especially for the environmental science feilds.


Diversity, ability to customize the education.


That this school is amazing for its integrative teaching styles! We take only one class fulltime for 16 credits and will learn whatever the class subject is from a vast span of angles and fields of study. There is no place like evergreen if you love to learn.


Intergraded programs are a great way to learn, the fact that there are no grades but evaluations, and your transcripts are just a long story of your college experience. The openess and passion in all around campus, Love for community and sustainability. Great Ganja!


That we're really progressive and the focus isn't on grades, or majors, or meaningless things like that. What's important here is an intense passion and desire to learn for the sake of learning and making a genuine difference in the world around us. Plus, there isn't a greek life, and our mascot is a geoduck.

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