The Evergreen State College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Take a 2 credit summer course to get accustomed to the BS and get yourself into the system as a work-study student. Stay in the dorms and look for a unit off campus. Rent a unit in a trailer park or a room in a home. Come Fall-Winter-Spring, take a three quarter program in a field of interest to get used to people, brain-wave entrainment (elites like to dominate a group consciousness unless you set them straight), and work on basic research skills. Investigate Native American Studies by meeting with the professors at 1 PM on a Tuesday or Thursday. Write your own syllabus and follow it out. When through, you will have the self-discipline of a good Marine. Begin networking inside your field while in NAS with the help of your professors. No university; no college; no school has more student-professor interaction than Evergreen's.


I spend most of my time in class or in Student Activities, where all of our student-financed clubs are based. Evergreen has a vibrant and active club scene, where students can become involved in economics, religion, politics, public health, community organizing, outdoor adventure and environmental consciousness. Evergreen rests in a 1,000 acre forest, and has about 2 miles of pristine beach property on Eld Inlet. For the most part, Evergreen's administration is responsive to student needs. They know many students on a first name basis, and are truly committed to ensuring higher education and Evergreen's unique learning environment remains accessible. The biggest recent controversy on campus was the "dead prez riot" which was covered extensively by the local media. The unrest came as a shock, particularly because the college has never experienced anything like it before. The campus response to the event was encouraging, and students have engaged in a lot of constructive dialogue about what contributed to the unrest, and how we can prevent it from happening again. I will always remember my summers spent on Evergreen beach, my instructors who took a personal interest in my success, the Geoduck fight song, and the student union's retreat in autumn of 2007.


Evergreen was once covered by a dome made of pot smoke and everyone seemed chill and got along. Sometime during this year the crack down on parties and drugs finally broke the dome and rapes started to happen on campus, riots, cops with tear gas, dogs and cats living together...the list goes on. To sum up shit went downhill real fast in 2008

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