The Evergreen State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A prospective greener student would be environmentally and socio-economically conscious, willing to explore all aspects of college life. Art and music has deep roots at Evergreen; however science, mathematics and literature has a growing community among the students.


A person that is self-motivated and goal oriented. You need to be passionate about your subject.




Individuals looking to apply should be hard working and driven, able to handle academic independence and challenging coursework, accepting of a diverse community, and open to experiencing life in a more unconventional way!


Some one who is self motivated and enjoys art and social justice.


Self-motivated, teamwork oriented people who are cooperative education and inter-discipline oriented with an interest in active community participation.


Liberal art and science students who are interested in sustainability, as well as those who want to create sustainable and moral businesses should consider Evergreen State College.


Someone who wants a challenge and a chance to be an active participant in their education. A lot of people come to Evergreen expecting it to be a "hippie slacker school," but it's really not--that's why the graduation rate is so low.


a self motivated person


you should attend this school if you either know how to put together you're own curriculum (how to detect and follow your own interests) or you feel comfortable finding support. evergreen has lots of great support people to help people plan their curriculum, but seeing these people isn't mandatory and so someone who isn't motivated to ask for help may just not get it and evergreen could feel too open-ended.


Someone who is motivated and ready to get what they want out of their education.


Evergreen is a haven for alternative thinkers. Anyone who didn't fit in at a regular school would fit in here. Anyone who thinks, act, or looks different can find their niche here. It's for independent and responsible types, as you have to be self-motivated in order to succeed at Evergreen.


Free-thinkers, studious people, people who can work independantly


You must be pretty self motivated, because sometimes you find that the homework is rather loose. You also need to be open to many political and personal point of views.


Self-motivated, open-minded seeker of knowledge.


See the above.


creative and off the beaten track academically.


Someone who is self directed and wants to take advantage of opportunities that are available, but not necessarily directly handed out. Basically, Evergreen is for individuals.


The Evergreen State College is the perfect place for someone who isn't sure of what exactly they want to pursue as their major. It's a great school for people who are self-motivated and wants to explore different areas of knowledge. It's also a good place for those interested in current affairs and environmental issues, and for students who may want to design their own areas of study and combine areas into a self-structured class. People who are interested in a non-traditional school system will be interested in Evergreen.


Someone who: wants to be immersed in a liberal environment, is passionate about the environment/farming/nature, wants to work on a farm/intern at a farm, interested in the natural sciences, likes to have discussions in small groups, will thrive in a small class setting, wants a relationship with their professor and/or classmates, wants to live in a small city, interested in radical views, making a difference, being a part of change. Someone who can educate themselves, guide themselves...a self-starter.


Students who are interested in a more holistic approach to education, one which concentrates on the intersections between academic disciplines, ,would find an education at Evergreen fulfilling. For example, instead of individual classes, each with their own narrow focus on economics, American history and gender studies, at Evergreen these are all a part of one program, taken all together. One can then see how economics effects history and the status of women in American culture, for instance. Evergreen also offers more opportunities for individual and self-directed study.


A person who is good with managing their time. Someone who is open minded and does not work well with your standard college set up. This college gives you a chance to get more involved in things that interest you and shape your degree to your liking.




This is a good school for someone who is still deciding where they want their education to take them and is planning on attending graduate school.


Self-disciplined creative types would do really well here, or anyone who is artistically inclined and believes that a college should have a sense of community among its student body.


Someone who doesn't think in the traditional sense of college. Someone who does not conform to mainstream culture, and someone who can think for themselves and direct thier own learning and shape thier own degree, which Evergreen allows you to do. A very self-motivated and directed person should attend this college, otherwise they could easily get distracted with Olympia's drug and music culture.


can think for themself. interested in learning for learning's sake and not just for a good grade.


Someone who is willing to be open-minded, challenged, and put forth a great deal of effort. Someone willing to work collaboratively as well as individually, think "outside the box," be introspective, studious, and opinionated. You should be willing to be a leader as well as be comfortable with being part of a team. There aren't sororities or fraternities, but you will form tremendous bonds with your fellow students regardless, as long as you open yourself up to it. You get out of Evergreen what you put into it--nothing less but certainly a great deal more.


Liberal and very self-motivated


Someone who is interested in a flexible, responsive, dynamic and fulfilling education. Someone who believes in the power of discussion and reasoning to solve problems. Someone who finds a passion in living and working in a place very much connected to the natural world with a focus on living in harmony.


Independent, environmentally minded liberal students.


A wide varirty of people should attend this college, that's one thing that's great about it! I would suggest this college to anyone who generally has a liberal outlook, who cares for the environment, someone who is interested in changing the world for the better and who WANTS to further their education. The person that thrives here is eclectic, creative, unique, independent, revolutionary, and driven.


Liberal, non-comformist, open minded, person.

Last day to enter is December 15th!
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