The National Hispanic University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to keep a 4.0 because of all the opportunities given to students with good grades. I would also tell myself to start applying for scholarships and to think long and hard about what my career choice would be so that I would not change it halfway through. I would also tell myself to stay single.


Going to college is one of the most important factor in my life for three reasons: to learn for what I do not know yet, to live with other people in group, and to move to the bright future. First, going to college for learning what I have not known yet. I have learned a lot in High School such math, essay, language...However, I just learned with general concepts. In college, I have learned in details and practiced with skills which can become my career. For example, I learn about marketing, business, and entrepreneurship...Therefore, after graduating, I can open my own small business or I can help others with business dealing. Second, in college I learn with other classmates which help me work together to other people. For example, I have done projects together and we discuss, argue, and make decision in order to make our projects better. Third, in college I learn knowledge and skill which gives me confident for my future with career and for next levle. For example, after graduate I go for MBA program. In conlusion, going to college is important for my life because of learning, working, and moving in the bright future.


There are two things that stand out, like bright neon flashing lights, in my mind about college advice. The first piece of advice relates to selection of the right school. I would tell myself to visit any school I was interested in. Just because something seems perfect on paper does not mean it is in real life. You want to visit a school to see whether you feel comfortable with the campus, the class sizes, the student population and the overall atmosphere. Also, while at the school you have the opportunity to talk to teachers, students, and other staff to see what the school is really like. My second piece of information would be in regards to financing my education. I would tell myself to search through every possible outlet for scholarships and grants. I would express the importance of seeking out the help of other as well, such as school counselors and financial aid advisors. More than anything apply for as many scholarships as you can because every little bit helps!


Conviction in your own abilities & well-intended dedication may serve as foolish decisions when gambling with your future. Hubris on top of circumstance will bring about a downfall burdensome to recover from. When given the generous option to take time off & eradicate the academic blemish resulting from cumulated tragedies, have the humility to accept rather than arbitrarily dismissing it on account of being able to later retake those courses; an unforeseen epidemic will be avoided. Be wary, the parasites will take a psychologically maddening toll until despondence sets in & you will listlessly acknowledge their hollow victory, still yet waiting, expecting & crying out in terror. Learn to be more selfish in respect to your time. Compassion & empathy, while noble, impede significantly upon your limited time that permits little room for excess. Don’t eliminate either of those attributes; you’d find it a betrayal of yourself. Always grow to appreciate the mistakes, including the new ones in the altered reality I cannot prepare you with how to handle – you’re stronger for each devastation and moment of weakness. I take both solace and pride in knowing the collective of my past is responsible for who I am.


The best advise i would give myself is to get finacial aid early. and get as much as you can. i did not do that and in turn had to take a 3 year break from school to get finacally on my feet.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself, i would tell myself how hard the last sixteen years has been without a collage education. The auto repair industy will take a nose dive and it will be hard to find a job and even harder to make a living, especially with the two kids I will have in the near future. I would also say that just because I decided to slack off in high school didnt mean it was to late to start fresh in collage. I could do everything I was interested at the time for fun but it was time to get my priorities in order, just like mom said it was! Graduating in four to six years may sound like a long time from now when you (we) are in your (our) mid-twenties but it would have been better for me (us) then in my (our) earlier forties! But one way or another I (we) are going to make it happen, no matter what!


Oh if I could only go back... I would tell my younger self to follow my heart and do what makes me happy instead of trying to please everyone else. When you major in something that you don't want to do you never really give it your best effort, and if by dumb luck you do succeed, more then likely you're not going ot be happy following someone else's dreams. Instead of assuming that a certian degree/profession is unattainable to you take chances, ask questions and trust in yourself. You're smarter then what you give yourself credit for. And if you get lost along the way don't be to proud to ask for help. College's have resources available to each and every student, and if you never ask for help no one will know you need it. Good luck, I'll be seeing you soon!


My biggest mistake was waiting until the last minute and not applying for many schools. My advice to any one would be to start early in order to give yourself enough time to choose the school that best fits you and in order to give the school enough time to process your application. I did not believe any one when they told me that it was a long hard process and now i most definatly do. Therefore taking your time and taking all of the steps necessary to succeed would be the advice I would give myself and any one else who needed further advice on the process of getting into college.


As a returning older student, if I could go back to school and talk to myself I would say, wait before you have children. I love all six of my daughter, but it put a huge buried on my educational goals and finances. I wouls tell my self go straight to college. Do not give up. It is only four years but those four yours will change your life forever. I would also tell myself, I have an obligation and a comentment to future generations to place myself is the best possible ways to better succeed in life. Knowledge and education is the key to a productive life. The things we do in life often have measurable results, but the extent of their impact is often difficult to foresee. Stay in school and remember what your goals are. That is the advice I would love to give myself if I could go back in time. More importantly it is the advice I give my six daughters as a single loe income parent.


I will be starting college in August. I was fortunate enough to have enough money to pay for my first semester. I am very passionate about school work. I want to work a lot harder in college than I did in high school. I would like to push mself to get my degree and gratuate with honors. I have always dreamed about becoming a nurse or something in the medical field. I know that now more than ever, going to college is the only way that can happen. I value every part of the road to reaching my dream of being a nurse., including college. I think that it is important for everyone to go to college, despite the falling economy. I believe that now is the time to go to college because once the economy starts to look up again, we will be the ones with an education and we will be the ones being hired.


My college experience brought a lot of confidence and the ability to expand my mind through different studies. The education that I have picked up aided the development of my personality and creativity that has been very beneficial in my life. Even though college can be difficult; the process is important in building a reliable individual who will be able to make successful decision in their lives.


I have figured out how to work in a university enviroment. I just has been valuable because I have been through one of the most important stages in my life here, my first years of college. I believe that this university will help me prosper in my future job.


I would tell myself to be mentally prepared for the challenge to come. A college education takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and certain sacrifices need to be made in life such as minimizing my social life and putting more time and effort into my education. I would tell myself to think long and hard about what type of career path I would like to take after I'm finished with my education. I would also tell myself to learn how to manage my time throughout the day to balance my schedule so I dont become overhelmed and stressed out. I would advise myself to never give up on my education no matter how long it takes for me to obtain my degree, because in the long run it will definitely payoff. The whole college experience really matures you so be prepared to work on my communication skills and develop new relationships with fellow classmates and campus faculty. I would also advise myself to be open to new ideas and become actively involved in the classroom. Last but not least, I would tell myself that I only live once so make the best of the whole college experience.