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What do people really wear to class?

It depends on what major the student is. Fashion majors usually dress with more "fashion" or input in clothes, accessories, style than other students. It's not intimidating or unusual to see varies of dressing styles based on people's interests and studies at school. It's very inspiring to see variations of design. Design technology students like myself dress very casually, relaxed and sometimes dressy but nothing too fancy like fashion students. Illustrators and fine artists at Parsons dress very uniquely. Some students have different hair colors, jeans with paint and all kinds of stuff on them, loose clothing, very artsy.

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People wear all sorts of crazy stuff to class. One thing thats great about the New School is you can really wear anything and people will love you for it. I've seen guys trekking up the 12 flights to class in four inch faux leopard platforms, and wearing pink bobbed wigs. I've also seen many girls with bright green hair and doc martins. Then again, there are plenty of people who stick to the jeans and T look. Most Parsons classes are anywhere from 3 to 6 hours long, so comfort can be a factor, as well as mess, charcoal and oil paint are hard to remove in the wash!

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Anything and everything.Everyone has a distinct personality and nobody ever feels embarrassed by what is right for them!

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