The New School Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It's very disorganized, and the people there are lowkey competitive so there is always a bit of tension.


Not enought extra-curriculars


The worst thing for me is the vast unbalance of females to males.


The worst thing about my school would be that it is an art school, thus I feel that during the application process, some administrative matters were slacking and problems that arose were addressed rather slowly. Otherwise, I do not see any other bad feature about my school.


The pretentious attitudes of the students and the price. I feel the school is basically only made for rich people. Its almost $63,000 a year (including housing) and they do not have any kind of scholarships available that cover any significant percentage of the cost. I have a perfect 4.0 and they did not give me anything really. They assume that if you are going there that you can pay for their huge price.


maybe the food. we dont have the best food you can thinkog at the momment. but maybe something will fall out the sky and we will get it alt least one day !


The worst aspect of my university is the cost. It is very expensive and it is hard to produce the money needed to continue my education there, despite having only finished one semester thus far. While the school does give substantial financial aid and scholarships, it puts only a small dent in the amount still needed to attend for a full year.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the cost of tuition. It upsets me when I think of how much it costs to attend school. Although education is priceless, it should still be affordable for everyone -- no matter their socioeconomic status. If it weren't for financial aid and student loans, I wouldn't be able to be a part of The New School community.


The only thing I am horrified about my school is the very high tuition.


The worst thing I believe is that we are too spread apart from one another.


The worst thing about the New School University is their lack of ethnic diversity. The students who come from ethnic backgrounds often feel left out and out of place. Even though all the students are open-minded and welcome the exposure to new things, there is an undeniable feeling of being different from everyone else. It is very hard to find fellow ethnic students unless you join a club, and even then they are not very active.


The curriculum at the school is somewhat outdated, which creates a bit of controversy as the programs are geared toward replicating current industry situations.


Many students tended to get upset when things weren't to their liking, but rarely did anything to change it for themselves, and instead continued to be frustrated and blame others when things stayed the same or took a long time to change.


The worst thing I consider about my school is not being able to find a job on campus easily.


it is so expensive, for the laid back vibe it gives off. you would think it would be less intense of a situation, but the tuition is like 3 times the amount my parents make.


The Dis-organization and the way that people in the offices are not clear or helpful with students who really need the help.


The school politics.


Probably the VERY expensive tuition and the cost it goes to materials.


The lack of a campus, and the general oversight of a campus community. A lot of the staff who are in key positions for dealing with sudents (financial aid, registrar, counseling, etc) can be rude and hostile (though some are great). There is virtually no campus and new students are left to fend for themselves after orientation week. For such a small school, people tend to think that every man is an island, probably because of the city influence. But the people are great once they open up, so it doesn't have to be this way.