The New School Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't think one exist, at least not one that I can consciously think off. But if I had to say one I would state the stereotype of students at the New School is that most if not all of us are stylish, approachable and quite friendly.


That Parsons students dress up fancy to their classes. This is true to some students. There are other students who dress up like any other college students -normal.


Common stereotypes of my school is that most guys are gay. So if girls want to look for hot man or potential relationship, The New School is not the perfect school to be looking at


In your first year at Lang, you will unavoidably end up spending a lot of time in the Lang Courtyard, a tree and design adorned amphitheater that connects two of the main Greenwich Village buildings. It is open air with a glass skybridge about 20 ft. above the concrete. When you step into the space, you will instantly be hit with clouds of smoke. Don't worry, you will slowly get used to it. Make sure that you switch to Marlboro Reds, American Spirits or some strain of rollies. Smokes, black coffee, tattered books and keys to apartments in Brooklyn are the typical contents of a Lang student's bag. If there is a stereotype of students at my school, it is this. Hipsters.


Within the division of Parsons School of Design at the New School, the students usually are artists, who vary in style and appearance. A general stereotype or perspective of the student body at Parsons is artsty, hippy and unique individuals. This classification isnt a negative stereotype as it is close to accurate, where everyone fits in their own skin and style at The New School.


The students at The New School are generally all very driven students. They are passionate about what they are studying and as the university is a specialized and focused school, students especially in Parsons have a clear vision of what they want for there future. Although many know what they are passionate about, they still spread their positive learning energy to others and are open to other creative options. The professors have taught me a ton here, but the peers that I study with have taught me even more.


Our school is often portrayed as having many "hipsters" and "artsy" people. The truth is, while there are many people who would be considered "hipsters" and "artsy", there are average people from small towns as well.


Well, considering that the New School has about three sectioned schools the students vary. At Parsons the New School for Design the students are fashion-forward, trendy, rich, they love to party, but they very hard-working due to the large amount of work given to the students. Majority of the students at Parsons are Fashion majors. At Mannes the school for music many of the students are stereotyped as laid back, straight, some are stoners. And Eugene Lang is the school for writing, and the students their are stereotypes as weird, stoners, lazy because they get less work than Parsons students.


As a previous Fashion Design major, now turned Integrated Design major their are definitely stereotypes of the Fashion Design students at Parsons. Many people say that there's nothing but Bratty Rich kids at Parsons, and that you have to come from a wealthy family in order to fit in and that you have the latest Designer Bags, and if you don't have these things then you're just an outcast but this is false. Not everyone at Parsons is rich, and not everyone is snobby. Of course you're going to run into these kind of people, but that's anywhere not jut at Parsons. Their are plenty of students that come from middle-class families that are very down to earth , friendly, and inviting. I know because I'am one of them. A lot of the negative stereotypes of students come from people that are outside of Parsons that think these things because of the high tuition. Assumptions are made that you automatically are wealthy financially because of the high tuition price.


I think the stereotype of kids at my school is the pompous rich kid who does not know anything outside of their parent's money. This is far from the truth. Everyone that I've met at my school is nice and kind, and they're all very hardworking and talented. Some of them may come from money, yes, but they are always willing to work for what they want, because at The New School nothing is just handed to you.


The New School attracts free thinkers from all over the globe. Students are typically politically involved, liberal, and outspoken about their beliefs. More importantly, they are respectful of the opinions of others, and take time out of their own schedules to have spirited discussions on a variety of topics, from world events to last night's episode of GLEE.


The phrases that get thrown around when talking about students at Lang range from "liberals" and "hipsters" to "anarchists," and of course, to some extent, these are all true. While a student at Lang can't possibly fit into all the archetypes thrown out, the college as a whole definitely leans to the left and most everyone on campus agrees that there is such a thing as a "typical Lang student." That the said student is any/all of the stereotypes listed above? Not exactly. Said student is probably sociopolitically aware and active--the administration is very understanding of Occupy Wall Street participants--but at the same time knows where the newest gluten-free cafes or secret Bon Iver shows are in the neighborhood. They're wont to sarcastically scrawl things like "CLASS WAR!!!" in Sharpie on desks and walls. And they definitely have a jaded sense of humor. Of course, this isn't necessary to be a student at Lang and the college definitely does not have the atmosphere of exclusion that comes with the hipster stereotype--for the most part, students are approachable and friendly.