The New School Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not good with people who are full of themselves and not fans of progressive teaching.


If you're not particularly liberal-minded, this wouldn't be the best place for you. It's also and incredibly "Artsy" place, so if you want to study something technical, science-oriented, or math-related, I would recommend looking elsewhere.


A person who should not par take in The New School is someone who wants a traditional college. Thus this includes, a campus, sports teams, sororities/faternatities, and large seminar classes. Also, The New School does not enforce a general ed ciriculum and therefore someone who wants a strictly based major or education should not apply.


If you appreciate small classes and a creative approach to learning and have a degree of self motivation, this school is for you.


Right-wing republicans.


I think it is great for everyone to have strong beliefs and I also believe it is everyone's right to be as conservative as they please, however New School is not the type of place for those types of people who can't keep an open mind. This university was founded on principles of disengagement from typical colleges and on the premise that it would be completely open minded. Lastly, unlike other universities ninety percent of the classes here are taught in a seminar style so you have to be okay with a semester of discussions!


If you are not artistic or open-minded you should not attend The New School University. The students here must be self-motivators and responsible for their work. If you need some one to babysit you and constantly remind you when and what things are due this is not the school for you. Also, if you have conservative political views I would suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself in the classroom.


Those who have a tough time being self-motivated -- whether with their schoolwork, getting involved, or making friends in general -- would probably be pretty unhappy here. There is not a lot of coddling or outside push to get things done, so if you're expecting professors, advisors, etc to do those things for you, think again.


It not what kind of person should attend, but first you have to what to attend this school .


An ultra-conservative kid, someone who hates learning, someone who can't motivate themselves (easy to get lost, even with super helpful faculty), non-smokers, aliens.


Someone who is not willing to give 100 percent and someonw who is more intrested in the education than a social ife.


A person who doesn't like places that are crowded, loud, dirty, and who can't pull an all-nighter for a week straight to finish up a project.


Anyone can attend if they are mindful of who they are gonig to be around. Alas, if you are inclined to be a corporate broker, doctor, or mathematician- you may not find it adequate to suit your needs and goals. If you like Bush, do not come here. If you are homophobic, you certainly should not come here. If you are a hipster, I know you want to come here-but please, for the sake of us all-do not come here.