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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I am currently majoring in business administration and within this field there are loads of workshops and interactive experience we must learn from; they require loads of dicipline as well. I wish I had known the experience of this community; however this how I learn to be a part of it. Coming from California to New York, its new from what I'm used to and its quite hard to adapt. We are never prepared of what is going to come up next in any situation; therefore, I wish I had known that adaptablity is crucial in any given situation.


I knew all I needed to.


It is not that scary and nerve racking as you think it is :)


The one thing i wish someone had told me freshman year, was not to worry! Transitioning from high school into college is a huge step and lots of students find themselves confused and unsure about what to focus on and study, in order to pursue a career after graduation. I knew i wanted to do something within the arts but i did not know exactly what i wanted to focus on. So each semester i took different courses and electives in various majors to get a diverse background and taste for what i would really love to do. In this process i always thought " What if i never find something I'm good at?" I began feeling like i had so much experience in various areas, and didn't have one thing i was particularly good at. I took one video course that changed my life and perspective and led me to studying film and making films, which i love and am focusing on now and pursuing into my senior year. It is a process of discovery, finding who you are and what you want to do while in college. So if i had been told not to worry, i would have felt a lot better about my decisions and path academically.


That everyone was going to be so good.


I wish I fully realized that this school would be the perfect place for me and my writing. I'm going to have to be honest, I applied to this school because I wanted to escape the hierarchy of suburbia in my hometown right outside of D.C. Now i find myself here, paying $54,000/year to do what I love.. Should money prevent me from doing what I love? The inadequate help from financial aid is useless, and in result the threat of having to move back home is eminent and I will not let that happen.


I wish I had known how to spend my money. This has been the biggest issue for me as a college student. When I came to college and I started to receive a weekly stipend from my parents, I went wild! Also, I was attending college in New York City and there's an infinite possibility of things to spend money on here! I had to call my parents the Monday after my first weekend alone to tell them I was already out of money. I wish I would've been able to spare myself the embarassment!


I wish I had known exaxtly how much money I needed to cover all my expenses. Living, food, transportation, leisure, books, and health insurance is very expensive. Time is an issue and it's difficult to juggle work, school and an internship. I wasn't aware of the sacrifices I had to make in order to attend The New School. I didn't think about how I would be effected in the current economic climate.


That I had to pre-prepare myself for the major I had intended to graduate with because the school doesn't prepare you for it.


I wish I had known more about the courses of study offered. There is much more here that I am interested in that I thought to take advantage of before.


I wish I had known that this school and city would have been so expensive and that a lot of people in new york are only in new york for the city. If you want to have a strong school community then you probably shouldn't come here.


I wish I had known how to better spend my time in college so that it would be easier to get a job when I get out. I did a lot of internships in journalism, which is no longer a hiring industry.


I wish I had known what a lack of diversity there was. I wish I also knew how to navigate financial aid better.


That the University doesn't have the slightest feel of a University but more of a professional feel and that it will be the farthest thing froma college experience.


This isn't really anything that I wish I knew before I came to the school. So far my experience has been great.