The New School Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about The New School is freedom. I'm able to create my own degree program if I so choose. I am responsible for what I learn and how. My professors respect me, my work, and will work with me in bettering myself and achieving my goals.


The whole cite of New York is your institution. You have so much at your fingertips, and so much that can compliment your education.


The best facet of my university is by far the experience you gain. You are provided with top-notch faculty, resources, and supplies to broaden your knowledge of the visual arts. The school provides many opportunities to further your future career with workshops, competitions, and exhibitions that are meant to get you noticed. In the difficult business of art, every inch helps and Parsons gives that to its students. Not only are you introduced to many new things, but you have the chance to meet people that will alter your life for the better.


The surrounding area of New York City and the fact that so many famous people went to it, therefore creating a brand in itself and thats why people pay so much $ to go to it.


The thing I believe i love most about the New School is the fact that half the student are international, this opportunity allows me to get different prospective of what project it is that i m working on. Most of the student are gifted in some form of art grabs my attention and inspires me. The diversity in student is what i love most about the school.


It's in New York City. It has great classes.


The intellectual debate and focus create an active learning environment. The city atmosphere makes for a fast paced exciting social and academic life.


I feel that the best thing about my school is the lack of "core classes." Not being forced to take math or science classes allows me to study the things I really want to.


The well known name, it's location in New York City, the faculty and students.


I think that the varriety of classes offered at The New School is the best thing I have experiaced thus far. I enjoy taking classes at the seperate colleges and meeting the carious students and professors. The school is very liberal and open, which I like very much. There is no discrimination between students. Students are open to evryone and everything. Ultimately, the New School's New York City setting is what makes the university and its students successfull.


The journalism department and the variety of classes I wouldn't take anywhere else. As for the latter, I took a course on boat building, which gives you a sense of those unique courses. The journalism departmet is helping me evolve so much as a journalist and makes me want to continue down that track.


The reputation, location, and the professors


The name of the school, Parsons. It is known for being one of the best fashion schools in the world, and because that it opens many doors.