The New School Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Honestly, I went to another college first that I thought would be the perfect school and it really wasn't. I had always considered the New School but I wasn't sure if it was the right fit. I've always wanted to live in New York City, and I was trying to find a school that would fit me. Once I saw the amazing courses that Lang had, I knew there wasn't another option.


They were the only school which was willing to let me design my degree the way I wanted (with approval of course). Every other school only had one aspect or another of what I wanted to do.


I decided to go to the New School because I was really excited about their dual-degree program (BA/BFA), where students go to both Eugene Lang (for a bachelors of art) and either The New School for Jazz or Parsons (for a bachelors of fine arts). I chose the New School over other universities which offered a similar program because of its stellar location, right in the heart of the West Village, NYC, and I couldn't be happier. Not only do I love the location, but I also love the classes, the social life, and the freedom of living in New York City.


It is rated one of the best design school in the world


I decided to attend The New School because i knew it was a very challenging school to get accepted to, and i did. With technology rising, i knew Parsons provided adequate resources, equipment and the education i would need in order to pursue my passion and career in the arts. The school is also located in the heart of NYC and to study the arts in such an environment is a privilege and opportunity.


Parsons is a well known and highly respected school, before deciding to come here I attended the Pre-College Program which allowed me to take sophomore class for 4 weeks to see what I was getting into. I had a great experience and that led me to conform that Parsons was the School for me!


I decided to go to this school because it was the only school in New York State, specifically New York City, where I could get a business degree and an art based degree at the same time. There is nothing like this in other schools for undergrads, and that's what makes the New School one of the best out there win my eyes.