The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


i wish i was more involved with the culinery field by then, because i was supose to go to a culinery school right after i graduted high school.


For the past one year, I been learning many things starting from how should I live my life to what things I should be doing to be successful. I learned many skills that i could use in the future. I was able to get a very good paying job. It was very valuable to attend because without the college, I wouldn't find a good job and also wouldn't get the skills i needed for future. I want to become a Physical Therapist, so i was able to learn many things that I need for that job. Now the world has come to where you have to have at least a college degree to go on.


im in my senior year right now so i don't know what college is like right now. i know it's going to be fun and interesting .


If I could go back in time the advice I would give myself is to always trust my instincts. I tended to second guess alot of things i did in highschool and my first thought is almost always the best one. I would tell myself to stay confident about my school work. Make sure to tell myself to participate in class more, that its actually fun and really helps if you are having trouble understanding anything. I would tell myself thats it's okay to give a wrong answers, or make a mistake when participating, everyone does sometimes and people can learn from you. And lastly I would just remind myself to stay "me" and keep up the good work.


First and foremost I would tell myself to brainstorm much more about what I think I will my career path might be, in order to choose a more appropriate major earlier on. I would say that constantly thinking about what my interests really are is the best way to find the best major and graduate satisfied with my future. I would also say that the college experience becomes much easier when you are constantly communicating and developing relationships with your professors and teacher's assistants.


Make sure you pick a school that you know you will be comfortable with and that you'll like being there all the time. It also helps to find a school that has alot of off campus activities so that you dont always have to be stuck on campus. And when you get to school dont be afraid to be yourself, or even to find yourself. Thats half of the college experiance is, if you havent already, finding your self. And make sure you enjoy yourself!!