The Sage Colleges Top Questions

What kind of person should attend The Sage Colleges?


Someone that is dedicated and willing to put forth a lot of effort. They must be driven and competitive. An individual who is outgoing and seeks out extracurricular activities and hobbies will be viewed favorably. This person must be good at multitasking or time management.


This school is perfect for any woman who wants a great education in a small school. Russell Sage is the most amazing place and every woman who attends will receive a quality education and find a home.


An ambitious woman hoping to make a difference in the world. Someone who likes the feel of a personal education in that the professors know you and you them. Everyone is caring and since it is a smaller community, you are able to make close bonds with others. You have to want to do the work and be willing to stand up and be a leader here.


A girl who knows what they want to do and knows they can achieve it. Head strong, out spoken. This college is an all girl college and it helps empower girls to do great things and if you are a girl who wants to know more about yourself you should come here. This schools helps you focus and really appericate yourself.


A female, obviously. Someone who is open minded, but strong minded at the same time.


A person who enjoys a smaller city, has a more conservative viewpoint, and is interested in their education should attend Russell Sage. This school is great for people who like to feel a sense of community at school. Since it is a small school-everyone knows everyone and the staff are very involved with the students. If you prefer to get to know your professors and fellow students in a smaller class setting then this is the right school for you