The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Top Questions

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What makes this school so unique but quite amazing is the accountability that students offer eachother through abstinense, education, and our personal walks with Christ, as well as the proffessors. Each and every student has some kind of accountability, which helps us grow stronger, and care more about our class work. There is so much maturity and growth happening in life, realationships, the gospel, and our education. So to sum it up, the people here care a lot about eachother.


This school educates its students on the different worldviews in our culture today and allows them to make educated decisions on their beliefs. This school is more eternity-focused, and does not merely focus on what we can get out of this world. This school equips its students for wise, happy living, though the degrees offered will not likely bring in the dough.


My school is unique because it has the exact major I wanted using the material and curriculum I wanted.


The unity of vision for the school. SBTS is not a liberal arts school. All disciplines of study are focused on Christian ministry, so all resources are made available specifically to equip and train students for Christian ministry.


Our school is unique because it primarily exists to train and prepare men and women for the ministry. It focus essential on training in youth ministry which is my passion.