The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Southern is its financial aid. If you didn't grow up a Southern Baptist, you're pretty much left out to dry.


I would love to see more diversity at our school. most of the people who are in my classes look just like I do. They are all white and that offers little difference of opinion or culture. I think you learn more in a given situation when you are surrounded by people who have a different past and a different story. It is great to see different worlds come together and work together for a common goal, and I feel like that doesn' t always happen


It is really easy to get into this school, you basically just have to have graduated high school and then share your personal testimony of how you were saved. Unfortunately, sometimes the easy standard to get it doesn't filter out the more "liberal" students (by liberal I am not speaking of gay rights activists or democrats, I'm comparing them to a conservative Southern Baptist), who think it is okay to go into the ministry and smoke tobacco, loosely date people (the school strongly encourages dating when headed towards marriage). The faculty prays for the students. It's awesome!