The University of Alabama Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The Unversity of Alabama is the best school in the nation, RollTide!


My school is huge with little diversity.


The University of Alabama is a great college to attend if you are looking for school spirit, tradition, and a large student population.


very well-rounded and diverse.


Work hard, then play harder.


UA is very prideful with a lot of enthusiasm and academic support for finishing in four.


A large, financially strong nationally recognized university that provides generous scholarships to highly qualified students for academics, sports and other talents. Beautiful campus with excellent facilities. Something for everyone from Greek life, clubs, music, arts and sports. National champions in several mens an womens sports. Lots of school spirit and strong alumni support. Reputation has grown substantially in academics and several colleges are in top national ratings of public universities.


A greatly spirited camps with tons to offer.


University of Alabama is an awesome school in academics, with the best college football team in the Nation.


UA is a highly spirited community with a fun atmosphere and great surroundings.


Your first time on campus at Alabama many only know of us for Football. Well, we are big into that but History is another aspect. The UA campus in Tuscaloosa is very historical. All of the buildings in yellow brick were buildings that were burned by the Yankees when they came through during the civil war. The presidents mansion wasnt burned because the presidents wife went outside with a broom in her nightgown and told the Yankees to move on and leave the library and students be. There are so many different historical aspects to see including the antabellum architecture from Gorgas library to the Presidents Mansion. The campus is sprawled out across a large area with the main focus being the quad seperating Gorgas from the Presidents Mansion with Denny Chimes right in the middle ringing its bell over all of the old oak trees that survived the April 27th, 2011 tornadoes.


An amazing school if you want academics; An amazing football team if you want sports.


The University of Alabama is a great school and has been an excellent learning environment for me.


The University of Alabama is very challenging.


The University of Alabama is a diverse campus which gives it's students the opportunity to succeed in life, there are many organizations that students can and do get involved with that cover a vast variety of interests, and the students and faculty work together to make an impact on the community.


The University of Alabama is academic-focused.


The University of Alabama is a great school for anyone to persue a higher education.


The University of Alabama is a school of excellence, success, and strength.


Located on a beautiful campus, The University of Alabama is a college with a rich heritage and offers a wide variety of courses and majors.


The University of Alabama is a community of faculty and students that are diverse in their backgrounds and cultures but similar in their goal to obtain the best educational experience possible to prepare them for success in the future!


The University of Alabama is a large university with a small university feel amid a beautiful campus and extraordinary professors.


The University of Alabama is a place where students can develop into the person they hope to be; it is a school overflowing with opportunities, knowledge, camaraderie, and fun, and it is the happiest place I've ever been.


The best place I could have ended up for college.


Everyone here is friendly and has a lot of school spirit, but they are not always accepting of different views.


The University of Alabama is bigger than BIG in a enormaous kind of way!


The University of Alabama is a great place to get a quality education that will prepare you for whatever endeavor you pursue.


School Spirit, Education, Greek Life, Tradition, History, and Athletics all in one atmosphere


A good balance of fun and academics.


The University of Oklahoma offers a wide variety of classes and extra-curriculur activities and the instructors are very intelligent and easy to get along with; also, we are very proud and everyone loves football!


The University of Alabama is a beautiful campus that offers an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that makes learning fun and engaging with you professors rewarding.


The University of Alabama is truly one of a kind.


My school has charm and beauty just like a southern belle as well as knowledge to the a bright future.


My school is a challleng but also very fun.


Alabama is all about college football and getting jobs after you graduate.


A great second home.


Diverse opportunities, with lots of friendliness.


The University of Alabama is a great place to attend with many diverse people interacting together in an academic environment that allows you to experience a wide and varied array of studies and activities which will enhance your understanding of real world situations and provide the qualities neccessary for you to succeed in life.


The University of Alabama is full of historical Civil War areas, has a beautiful campus, an incredibly fanatical football fan base, a fairly diverse curriculum , all captured inside small-town Alabama.


Open and equipped to help the students become better people that will benefit a socitey.


The university of Alabama is Diverse in all facets.


This a great school, and school spirit is high. There is a lot to do socially. College costs a lot, but what you learn here makes it worth it.


The University of Alabama is a great school in the South Eastern Conference. There is alot of greek activity on campus, but you do not have to participate to enjoy it. The students at this school are very conservative, but I feel that this is changing fairly quickly.


This school is very fun if you enjoy a great social life but is lacking in some educational areas, depending on what your education department is and whether or not that department has a lot of funders or not.


They are more concerned with sports than keeping up the good conditions of the buidlings.


I think my school is absolutely the best in everything they offer.


My school is VERY school-spirited and enthusiastic school.


Party school.


Pros: school spirit, feel safe on campus, great professors, many activities on campus Cons: greek life rules the school, academic advising, I wish I were more prepared for post-graduate life


It is too focus on football.


University of Alabama is a Southern, conservative school with some liberal aspects.