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Tell us about your professors.

This really depends on your class, and every teacher/professor is different. Freshman English classes are mostly taught by TAs(Teacher assistants) which are normally graduate students. They are mostly relaxed and reasonable. Larger classes such as Biology can have a range of professors, but the two I have had are Steven Marcus and Jennifer Edmonds, both are great teachers. Math professors and Biology lab TAs are often foreign, which can make the class very hard, because not only do you have to learn the material but the material may not be explained very well, or it can be hard to get past a language barrier.

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How professors are usually depends on the class and level of difficulty. A lot of freshman classes and basic classes are larger. These professors usually aren't one on one. It is up to you to take the incentive to get to know your professors. Higher level classes usually tend to be smaller and professors often take attendance. Most professors are understanding and easily accessible.

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