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What are your classes like?

My classes at UA vary. Some are much like high school classes, with 20 or so students. Others are large lecture classes with 200-300 students. I'm currently taking EN 209 which consists of homework readings and 2 papers. I'm also enrolled in APR 231 which is a large lecture class in which powerpoints are available as study guides for our 4 tests. My APR 260 class is an active learning intro skills course to Adobe CS5 Suite items required in the Advertising and Public Relations program. My CS 205 class is a web site design class in which you work on assignments, take 3 tests, and design your own web page as your final. I've enjoyed each of my classes this semester and I feel more closely connected and familiar with my major.

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Classes are UA vary on your major, for me as an Education major they are flexible and normally exciting! there is always something new and almost all of them can relate to working with children outside of the classroom.

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