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When you step off campus what do you see?

Unfortunately, in April 2011 a tornado rampaged though Tuscaloosa and destroyed the buildings and lives of many people. Although the tornado did not touch campus, many streets just outside of campus are very damaged. Not all of Tuscaloosa is damaged however, there is a great outdoor mall called Midtown Village, and off-campus living is great. The Retreat is an award winning Student Community that has outstanding reviews. From personal experience, many of the off-campus housing are nice and fun, but The Retreat is beyond any other.

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I dont have my car with me this year, and I recommend having a car even freshman year!! I feel so lost and feel bad asking all of my sisters for rides all the time, so I am always on campus most of the time. But the mall is very close to campus as well as the midtown village with so many cute shops, and a couple restaurants. A lot of people like going to Iguana Grill there or Panera bread, chipotle or 5 guys.

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Unfortunately the city of Tuscaloosa suffered damage from a huge tornado on April 27, 2011. The city is still largely trying to rebuild from the massive damage that occurred. Many businesses such as restaurants and shops were destroyed. Most of these businesses are in the process of rebuilding their facilities. However, many businesses are still intact and up and running.

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