The University of Alabama Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Usually I tell them all about the beauty of the campus and how truly blesses I am to live there. I tell them all about the great friends you make the moment you step onto campus and my amazing roommates, and I would be kidding myself if I said I didn't brag about the boys.


The career placement and the school spirit.


The one thing I brag about the most when talking about my school is that I got accepted into one of, if not the, largest universities in Alabama. They are also very big on Greek Life at Alabama, and very respected. Alabama also has a higher percentage of out of state students than in state. So I'm very proud that I am attending a school that people from all over the country want to attend.


When I brag about The University of Alabama, I brag about our fourteen Football National Championships. We have a fantastic football team that has won three years in a row. Nick Saban is a hero among the NCAA Football Coaches.


Mostly, I brag about the football team. However, I also brag about the fun-loving atmosphere.


The thing I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school are the academics. The University of Alabama has been ranked among the top 50 public universities in the nation for more than a decade. UA is currently ranked number 31. This is its highest ranking ever. The university is ranked number 6 in the nation among public universities in the enrollment of National Merit Scholars. UA has had great success in preparing students for the jobs that they desire the most. We not only have the brightest scholars, but also the brightest professors in the country.


When I am bragging to my friends about my school, I mostly talk about the opportunities that are given to explore different things and different cultures on campus. The University of Alabama does a good job of making sure there are plenty of extracurricular activities available to students. These activities allow students learn about things they know nothing about.


The diversity of students, that there are students from all over the world.


I brag mostly about how quick I was able to finish school. I only have to go two and a half years at the university before I am able to graduate.


What a good nursing program The University of Alabama has, and how involved all of the students are. The campus is beautiful and there are so many random clubs, so there is truly something for everybody. Quidditch teams have even taken over the quad. There's always something going on and always new opportunities to meet people.


football team


I brag about the atmosphere. There is so much school spirit here all the time, year round for each sport! Also, I love the big campus school, but with the small school atmosphere!


Thirteen National Championships! Need I say more?


The campus is beautiful and the student population is so diverse! There are so many on-campus activities to get involved in where you can meet people, gain valuable experience and have fun! And there is nothing in the world like attending a University of Alabama football game!


How it has a lot to offer a lot of different majors. I feel like I am getting a great education and am getting a lot of experience with my field of interest.


I love that my school is a top university in the state of Texas. I brag that I was talented enough to be accepted to such a prestigous place.


The University of Alabama has many attributes to brag about however I brag about our Greek life and our Athletics. The University of Alabama is number one in the nation in Greek life with 3000 Sorority members within 23 organizations. Some of the organizations date back to 1904. I am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. My sorority was established in 1967. Our Athletic department boasts of 13 National titles and the most recent being the SEC and the BCS National Football Champions. Marcus Ingram was the 2009 recipient of the Heisman trophy. Roll Tide Roll.


The University of Alabama is very well know for its Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering program and it is also one the oldest engineering schools in the nation.


The university I attend has an excellent nursing program that's very competitive, students are friendly, and most of the professors I have had are not crazy like a lot are.




The Computer based honors program, and the great football team.


It is ranked as one of the top 100 colleges in the nation.


I normally brag about the quality of our athletic programs especially, our football team. I have also been known to discuss the greek community and how many fraternities and sororities are on campus. Following these two subjects, my professors are the third topic of choice. I tell anyone that will listen that the professors are what make learning possible. They are the most caring individuals if one seeks their help.


The most common discussion my friends and I have about UA normally concerns the football team, and the school spirit that soars during the entire season.


I mostly brag about our football program.


I brag about how everyone is friendlyand how the university feels like my second home.


How wonderful my friends are.


How good my professors are that I have had thus far.


Our football team and our great teachers.


This school is full of school spirit. The entiree campus comes together for sports and social gatherings. You will always feel like you are part of a family here. You meet some of the best friends and make lifetime connections.


I brag about the size and the dorms.


When I talk to my friends about the University of Alabama, I tend to talk a lot about the spirit of football at the school. With UA having one of the most well known football teams in college, there is a lot of emphasis here on the sport and the community that is involved with it. One of the other subjects I talk about is the Greek life at the school. With the school almost 60% greek, there is a great number of parties around the school, and nights usually tend to be full of drunken students.


I tell people about our football program of course and the tradition that the crimson tide has. I also love the and brag about the love that all students have for this school people who go here love it. I have yet to hear a bad thing about or someone say they do not like it here. The proffesors are second to none and are fantastic encouragers and role models. Students are helpful and polite. Southern hospitality you find it all over the campus and off campus. There isnt enough space to tell of all the great things here.


We have amazing teachers. Our art program is great, but it's hard work. New College is the best thing that's ever happened to Alabama. We have an awesome football team. Our campus is beautiful. I love my classes.


football and tradition! Also, I love the social life Tuscaloosa offers. Also, I talk about my teachers and what we are doing in my classes.


Always something to do, somewhere to go, and someone to go with you . Students take studying seriously. Football is king.


Roll Tide!


I brag about how good some of my teachers were and the great school spirit that we have here at the University.


The thing that I brag about the most is how much I am actually learning and not partying.