The University of Alabama Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


They are obsessed with expensive property and showing it off to one another.


That they drink a lot. That we are abig party school.


The biggest stereotype is that we are all football crazed, Greek racists.


All Greek students and preppy. They drink all the time and party everyday.


That people come here just to party and/or become Greek. Also, that Bama Greeks are all the same, don't have good GPA's, and don't try to study hard. Another is that people think that because UA is so large, people will get lost in the crowd and become just another number in a class.


I don't really know if there is a stereotype. I guess maybe that we are all here to party.


The University of Alabama may always have to contend with its past. Unfortunately, the state of Alabama, and the University itself, is infamous for Governor George Wallace's "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door". Students may be perceived as "backwards" or "redneck", and these perceptions lead to the stereotype that students at the Capstone are unintelligence or less capable than students at other Universities. Many people also consider UA to be a "party school" and a school that only cares about athletics, specifically football.


One stereotype is that all students at UA drink a lot.


Greek life is all there is. You won't have any fun if you don't join one.


Everyone thinks that we hate Auburn with a passion. Yeh, we may have bit of competitiveness when it comes to football, but hey we are Alabama. So if you are an AU fan, here at Bama, we are not going to stone you. We will just try to convert you! But seriously, I didn't hear a lot about stereotypes at UA before I got here. You don't really notice it until you get here. I guess the biggest stereotypical thing on campus would have to be the people in soroities and fraternities. Yeh, they are pretty crazy at football games, but they aren't that bad on campus. I have friends in both soroities and frats, and there are a couple of people who show you that those stereotypes aren't always right.


Most people think that UA students are all drinkers and partiers.


there are Greeks and non- Greeks. and the way people behave, their social rank, etc are designated.


A lot of people think that UA students are a bunch of rednecks. Even our rival school, Auburn University, which is located in the same state seem to think so. Also, a lot of people think that racism is big here. One final thing--people think most UA students only care about Alabama football.


All we want to do is party. Everything revolves around football.


We drink alot. We party alot. We love football too much. We love Bear Bryant too much. We live in the past. There are no friday classes. Greeks are jerks


One of the most common stereotypes about UA students would definitely be that we do not do anything but party. And of course, UA is looked at as a 'party school.'


Party School, Drug School, Drunks, Drinking School


I think UA still has the rep of being a party school. Also, I don' t think people realize UA has some great academic programs


Prestige level and being haughty


Football fanatics, Students love to party and drink constantly, A bunch of rednecks that are getting a "dumbed-down" education


Students at the University of Alabama are perceived as many of the people who call the "Deep South" home. Descriptions include "redneck", "hayseed", "hick", or backwards, all of which have the connotation of unintelligence or agrarian. Students may also be labeled as racist.


A lost of people think that UA is an all-white institution and that we are is a bunch of frat guys and sorority girls who get trashed every night and all major in business.


Southern, bad academics, football school, party school, closed minded,


Whenever I talk to people from other schools, they always ask if I am Greek and if I party a lot. UA is stereotypically a party school and most people assume that you have to be Greek to be involved on campus. Also, they say we are football fanatics!


Greeks dominate the campus, drinking and smoking is the way of life


That all they do is party but that's not all we do and we don't all party the same way.


We party all the time, we only care about athletics, particularly football, and our lives are spent plotting against Auburn University and the University of Tennessee


UA's biggest stereotype is that it is a huge football school. The students are southern, mostly from Alabama who all love hunting and drinking Bud Lite.


1) That we are all spoiled. 2) That we party too much. 3) That we are racist. 4) That we want Bear Bryant to be our coach and no one else will do. 5) That we are just a party school.


Many people think UA students are close-minded Bible thumpers stuck in the 1960s. The University also has a reputation for being a party school dominated by Greek life.


We are thought of as a party school that is focused on football all of the time.


We like to party


Party school, go out every single night, always something to do, everyone is always drunk and partying


It is a party school.


Ummmmm.....I don't really know...I haven't heard any...oh, except the white sorority girls (particularly the Tri-Delts) happen to be whores


Some of the stereotypes I perceive about UA students are that the majority of the students are from smalltown, racist Alabama towns and aren't as cultured. Other stereotypes paint Alabama students as beacons of southern hospitality, but conservative and resilient to change.


Alabama is a big football school. If you aren't a member of the Greek system, then you won't have any fun at Alabama because the Greek system rules everything at Alabama.


The university is only about sports (football). Also, since the UA is associated with the "bad side" of the civil rights movement (during the '50s and '60s) that we're still "backwards" and country. Finally, there is a stereotype that there isn't much to do in Tuscaloosa, AL.


Everything is centered around football and we drink and party all the time. UA is always going to be stuck in the "60s" and racist.