The University of Alabama Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who doesn't assimilate well.


Someone who is uncomfortable with a large school environment. Getting around campus can be overwhelming because it's such a large school. This school may also not be a good fit for someone who doesn't appreciate or like tradition, as many aspects of the school are based on tradition (from sports, to our programs on campus, to our Greek life).


Someone who does not like a challenge should not wish to attend The University of Alabama. The University knows that it has hard-working students enrolled, and give us a lot to handle. They know we can do it, while becoming more strong-willed human beings. Things run like Paul "Bear" Bryant would have liked. You will be trained harder than the rest, almost to the point of wanting to give up. In the end, we will be the champions.


I think this school is perfect for all types of people. When I did attend there were pretty much a social group for every type of person there is.


There really is something fo everyone, except maybe a few unique major that UA does not offer degree programs. Check out Alabama online at College Board to see if it has a degree program you ar looking for. If it does definitely visit the campus and meet some of the students, profesors and talk to your area recruiter for Alabama.


The campus at Alabama is very large and open. This being said even though there are entrances for physically disabled it would still be very troublesome to get from class to class across the large space. Other than this there is not a reason as to not attend the University of Alabama.


Students who would not preform well in large classes, or can not easily maneuver around a large college campus. Also, people who do not like greek life, for this plays a major role in social activites found at the school.


Someone who wants to get one-on-one teacher attention in the beginning years of college might find it hard to find their place at this school, but can do it eventually. Also, those who are opposed to school spirit related to football might consider not attending this school.


Someone who is excentircally liberal.


Someone who is non-traditional or doesn't believe in southern values. Also, people that are very against the Greek system (fraternities and sororities).


I believe that a person who is not willing to be involved in the many different activities both academic and socially might not be a good fit for the University of Alabama. I have found that everyone I meet is involved in something here at school. There are so many different things to be involved in that you have no time to be homesick because you are constantly doing something like classes, activities or yes football games and other sporting events. So like I said, a person who doesn't want to be involved might not be a good fit!


Any person who wants a great education and the opportunity to find out who they really are should attend the University of Alabama.


You should not attend this school if you don't want to attend a large university or be around people most of the time. Also, this school is academically driven, so if you aren't academically driven you wouldn't want to attend. Alabama sports is a big deal her too! So, if you don't enjoy sports you should not attend the University of Alabama.


The University of Alabama provides many social groups and clubs to accomodate all types of individuals. I would encourage any high school student to consider attending the University of Alabama because no student will ever feel like an outcast or have trouble making friends. Students often attend schools based on their social status and what activities interest them, however, at the University of Alabama there are social clubs for all interests and the faculty do their best to encourage a strong interest in academics and getting involved.


good ones


The University of Alabama welcomes all students. There is a place for everyone to fit in here and thats another thing that makes Alabama so great! The only type of student that should not attend is one that is not hard working or dedicated. It takes a lot of hard work to become good at something, therefore, to be successful in school here you must be a hard worker. Also being dedicated at what we do makes this school one of the best in the Nation. Not only the students, but also the staff have emense pride in this University.


Anyone that doesn't like being away from the city or being close to everything. And that are trying to watch their money. It is really expensive to attend this school.


A person who cannot handle lots of physical exercise a day should not bother as parking on campus is basically nonexistent so expecting a ten to thirty minute walk up and down hills to class is normal.


Someone who is not willing to be disciplined in their study habits and who are not goal oriented.


A person who does not like getting out, getting involved, and getting to know people. With a school this size, it takes an effort on the student's part to get involved and meet new people.


You should not attend this school if you want any kind of arts degree. Non-religious people may not want to come here if they want to avoid people haggling them about religion. With that said, there are people of all kinds attending UA. that love it.


People who are not really big into football and school spirit.


The person that should not attend this school is the person who is not focused, does not have good study/eating habits, and is not able to network with other people in the field you are pursuing.


People who attend this school should have vivacious school spirit and a love for life.


The kind of person that should not attend the University of Alabama is a person who does not like big classes and wants more one-on-one with their teachers.


Anyone who is not serious about having a career and having the desire to better themselves. If someone is interested in college only because it seems like the " right thing" , then this school is definetly not for you. You must be dedicated, and willing to do what you have to in order to be a success student.


Someone who is not open to being socially active. Also someone who wants to attend a small college. Someone who only wants to party should not come here either.


People who don't like big schools and are scared of the social environment


Someone who is not interested in learning to be independent. The University of Alabama emplores you to take on new challenges and responsibilities. There are numerous oppurtunities to grow as an individual and experience many new facets of what life has to offer. Someone not prepared to branch out entirely would not be comfortable UA.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a person who is not willing to work and strive for excellence. They should be school spirited as well.


Someone that doesn't like to make new friends or is very "different".


People who are adverse to tradition or not willing to get into school spirit would probably not find this school as fun. It is also located in a college town so this would not be the place for someone looking to live a typical urban life.


I think everyone should attend the University of Alabama. The variety of students that go here are what make the school so exciting.


A person who is not serious about their education should not attend The University of Alabama. I am really upset at the people who come to my school to join a fraternity or sorority and get wasted every night. They are a waste of space and take away the value of an education that the rest of us would like to achieve.


A person who consider they value systemt to be more liberal


A person who is not serious about their academic studies and future. A person who is not ready to handle the real struggles life throws at them after college.


Anyone can attend this school. Even though at times it may be stuck in the past or with conservative viewpoints, it is changing and becoming more modern and openly accepting of different kinds of people. It does take time because we are in the South, and many people still have their prejudices however, times are chaning.


Some one who does not like football.


I think everyone would find their nitch here at the university of alabama.


Someone who is interested in the arts, and does not want to be around fraternity and sorority people.


gay, liberals, non greeks, people that don't like football,


A person who is apathetic and unmotivated should not attend this school.


I don't believe that there is a certain set or type of person that should not attend the university because it seems like a place that is for evreybody, and everyone is welcomed here.


If you are not comfortable being around students that usually fall into the middle-class, white, Southern catergory, then attending the University of Alabama may not be right for you. There are plenty of students who do not fall into this catergory themselves, but you must be willing to accept those students who do.