The University of Alabama Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how many people there were here. It hasn't been a huge problem so far, but I think that once I get a car around here it'll be a hassle to drive around campus. Also, football season is so much more than you could ever imagine. The atmosphere is crazy, if I had known that before I came here it would've made my decision to pick Alabama that much easier.


That time management is the most important thing you have to make yourself be good at. There are a lot of smart people that go to college and never graduate. You have to make yourself do things that you do not want to do like go to class when your're tired, study when you're friends are out having fun, and make sure you have time to complete your work. College prepares you for real life, which means being responsibe for all your actions. Most importantly, find something you like to do and be the best at it.


I wish that I would have known more about greek life before I stepped onto campus. It is such a predominant thing on campus and I wish I would have been a part of that.


The emphasis on Greek Life.


Before attending the University of Alabama, I wish I had known how small the dorms were. Most standard dorms are small and dirty. I also wish I had known about all the extra fees and charges.


I wish I would have known the social atmosphere and how depressing and lonely it was going to be . Also, I wish I would have known the poor advising and poor career readiness I was going to recieve.


How big greek life is. 1 in 4 people is greek which doesn't sound like that much, but their influence on campus is profound. As someone who is opposed to the elitist cults that are frats and sororities, I wish I had known that. I still love the school though.


How serious the greek system is here. I do not regret not rushing a sorority my freshman year but sometimes I feel like I would have had a better time if I had. The Greek system dominates alot of campus life.


I wish that I would have known the prices of codes before I came.


I had a certain image and idea of what I thought the people and activities would be like when I got to Tuscaloosa based off of how life is in Birmingham, where my family is from. I wish I had known a little bit more of the southern culture and life because it is so different from where I grew up. This is not a bad thing, it actually has given me a new and opening experience.


I wish I had known that I should wait until my classes start to buy the needed textbooks. I ended up b uying them before term started and had a few textbooks that i never used.


The amount of studying that would be required to be successful in class.


The University of Alabama is a very large school. One of the main words of advice I would give to prospective students, is to get to know the school grounds very well. Move in a couple days before classes begin and take a walk around the school campus with a list of your class rooms. The best way to not get lost and to really know what Alabama looks like is to take time to get to know it. It is a beautiful campus and the more you know about it, the more you will grow to love and it!


I wish I had known that you need to join different groups and try different things in the beginning years of college.


I wish I had known that the libraries are actually such a useful resource, even if you are just looking for a quiet place to study. Also that there are tons of resources that you can use to study, such as tutors and study sessions and writing centers.


How involved and intricate the Greek system is to the social aspects of the school. Does not dominate the whole social scene, but is a very big part and was a scene that interested me from before I entered the school.


I wish I had known or maybe reaized the cost of out-of-state tuition. Also, I wish I had been told to get involved freshmen year as much as possible because it is much harder to do later on.


Take as many AP credits as you can. The lower level core classes are a waste of time. Its so much better to have them out of the way and be able to start on the more upper level classes.


I have attended this school since 1st grade.


I wish I would have known how conservative the University was.


When I arrived I expected school spirit with it being the home of the, Crimson Tide. However, upon my arrival school spirit was so great that it surpassed anything I could have ever possibly imagined. Another thing I wish I had known was the true cost of attending school. What a wake-up call.


I wish I had known how beneficial taking AP courses would be. I also wish I would have learned better study skills. My first semester would have been significantly easier if I had known the importance of doing all homework assignments and how attending class is a necessity. One thing that I really wish I had known is that it is not necessary to purchase books for every class.


I wish I had known exactly who and where to go to if I needed immediate help with a course or classwork (someone besides the professrps, because they are so busy sometimes).


When I came to school for the first time I wish I knew that future employers would look at your grades during your first year of school and that easing you way into college is the best way instead of taking a full load of classes


The bus schedule, what classes to take, where my classes are.


Parties do happen. It's ok to have fun, but don't let anyone pressure you into taking it overboard. I would have perferred to know more about volunteer opportunities both on and off campus before I moved to Tuscaloosa.


I pretty much knew most things before I came here.


I wish I had known how important first impressions are during rush. Also, I wish I had known how expensive everything would total to be. I don't know if I'll be able to return next semester.


One thing that I wish I had known before I came to this school would have been that everyone has their own groups they affiliate themselves with. It isnt that bad but if people notice it, then its enough.


Even though attendance isn't mandatory in every class, go to class every day! The amount of material missed in one class can make you score an entire letter grade lower on a test.


the importance of dropping classes that you might fail... better to take a W (withdrwal) then an F.


I wish I knew how "greek" it was. I don't necessarily believe you have to be in a sorority or fraternity to make friends, but it makes finding friends a lot easier. Many students believe they're the "in crowd" because they are in the sorority or fraternity; making events very "clique" like, which I hate.


I wish that I had known how to study before I came to the University of Alabama. I did not have to study for good grades in high school, but I do now. However, there have been many resources at UA to help me.


How many different majors there were to choose from and how many options there were to get involved.


The type of peolpe that would be at the school


Everything that I have been experiencing here at the University of Alabama was very much expected, that is the main reason why students should do a broad research about the college of their choice to eliminate unwanted expectations.


There is a very large and strong greek system here. However, there is some controversy involving a "secret" greek society that basically almost every elected student member in a prominent position at the university is a member of. Greeks have control of the politics and are very united unlike the independents. The only problem is that the greeks in power are the all white fraternities and sororities with very conservative beliefs.


How much money your family has is important to some could and does a lot of times determine who becomes your friends.


I feel like I was adequately prepared by the University regarding the University before I came to this school. There was definitely truth in advertising--this is a great school, and I would definitely come here again.


That everyone here seems to be an unhealthy football fanatic.


Buy your books online. Definitely live in a dorm your freshman year. I wish I had known about New College, which is a college at our school where students have the opportunity to make up their own inderdisciplinary major.


Advising was not very good.




I wish I had know how important it was to interact with people in my classes and in my dorm. I wish I had known not to be so shy and to meet new people.


It is difficult to transition from the life you know at home to the one at the University of Alabama. I wish I had known that it takes awhile to finally find your own niche here, but when you do you are more comfortable. Don't expect to be comfortable during your first semester, even if you have a very outgoing personality.


how big some classes would be. Known how to research about teachers before taking classes


I wish I would have understood what an emphasis there was on greek life. I wish I would have known that there was not a diverse population.


The classes are so large.


How often I would need more money.


My major doesn't come with many career opportunities.