The University of Findlay Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Charasmatic, Friendly, Diverse, Intellictual!


My classmates i would consider as my family. I know they will always be there for me and I for them.


My classmates at the University of Findlay are diverse and open minded. The professors here encourage critical thinking and acceptance of others. We have a wide range of clubs and student organizations, so every student has a group that shares their interests. We have many non english speakers and exchange students as well.


My classmates are friendly and very helpful. They are hard-working individuals that succeed in their classes and are always willing to help others.


Helping, caring and respectful indivduals.


I have all kinds of classmates. The campus is diverse with people of different races, ethnicities, ages, etc. I have made friends with three of my classmates already and I am continuing to get to know even more of my classmates. All my classmates so far are nice and mature.


Bright, interesting, and diverse young indivduals seeking to find sucessful futures and careers through educational experiences.


They are selfish, competition driven, gossips, who think too much of themselves and too little of others, who think they can get away with cheating because they have "connections"


The classmates that I have now are more engaged and open as we are shifting more into our major-focused classes and getting to know each other deeply through constant interpersonal relations.


The majority of my classmates are fun and outgoing, but everyone is very serious about their studies.


My classmates are excited to learn about their future profession and are very supportive of one another as well as generally cheerful and encouraging.


They are very helpful and give advise about papers.


Findlay is a very conservative school. However, there is a lot more acceptance of the liberal minded amongst the conservatives despite their differeing veiwpoints, than other places I have lived down south. There is some racism, prevelant. More so by the locals, but it still can get perturbing. Campus is shifting towards being more green, but there is resistance and laziness. Most of the students that have been here for a while are very driven and focused, and the ones that aren't (be they drinkers/partiers or not) usually transfer due to the price.


Most of my classmates are focused and motivated individuals excited about the idea of working after college.


They are diverse.


They are friendly, energetic and career focused.


My classmates are as interested in the subjects as I am, determined to get as much out of the class as possible, willing to help other people in the class with problems and form study groups, and similar in their major choice.


They are acedemically focused.