The University of Findlay Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Pharmacy and Equastrian


I think The University of Findlay is known for its Animal Science program. There are different tracks such as the Pre-Vet track and the Equestrian track within the Animal Science degree.


An education that focuses on a Christian perspective, while having one of the best graduate school acceptance rates in the country.


The school is known for its great location and the many majors that it has. It is also know for their equestrian program and they have many different horse sites for the studying students. It is a small campus with a very friendly atmosphere


The hands-on program for Preveterinary students. We were given experience with large animals. This would not have been possible for me had I not attended The University of Findlay.


The University of Findlay is best known for its pre-vet, equestrian, and pharmacy programs; also for its small, intimate class sizes.


UF is best known for our outstanding Equestrian Studies program. With a large, well-run facility and a superb teaching staff who are also active in the equine industry, the program is directed at students who are pursuing a career in the world of competetive horse showing. This is not a weekend trail ride. This is not a daily riding lesson. This is equine boot camp. If you are truly looking to become a professional trainer, the University of Findlay's Equestrian Studies program will prepare you thoroughly for your career, beyond a shadow of a doubt.




Hands-on experience


Findlay is best known for the equestionian program. They are known nation wide for this program they complete at a very high level and have a very good program in this field.


Equestiran (Western and English), Pre-Vet, Animal Science, Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy.


I would have to say it's equestrian programs. It is a big draw for a lot of out of state students. And it seems like a lot of our students are equestrian majors.


The school is best known for the equestrian and pharmacy programs.


The University of Findlay is best known for their Equestrian Studies, Pre-Vet, Animal Sciences, and Nuclear Medicine programs. The classes for these fields really prepare you for grad school or the real world. I am part of the Equestian and Art Education programs and it is really preparing me for life after college.


The biggest things are the equestrian program, the pre-vet program and the pharmacy program. They are said to be very good programs and the school is very well known for them.