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Findlay is a very diverse University and they are helpful when it comes to the admission process. The admission people are helpful in answering any questions you may have as well as helping you to find a place to stay if you dont want to stay in the Campus housing. I choose Findlay because its a private school and has small classes that enable the instructors to get to know you and also help you with any school work. Last but not the least is the atlectices field as well as the gym is one of the nicest on campus.


The University of Findlay is unique in that it has small classes (20 students is the average) and all of the professors are easily accessible. It also offers equestrian, animal science, and pre-veterinary medicine majors and excels in those areas. I am in the equestrian program which is one of the most intensive of its kind in the United States. We ride every day with top professionals in the equine industry. The food here is also much better than the average university!


I felt at home here. People were helpful and friendly


What I love about the University of FIndlay is that it has a small school feel but I see a new person everyday on campus. I like not just being a "face" in my classes and having personal relationships with my professors. That is important to me.


How small and welcoming it is. I visited Ohio State and it was huge. I felt like I would get lost there. Here everything is so close and you really get to know your professors and fellow students. You see the same people everyday. So even if you dont know someone you have probably seen them around.


The professors can and do address student's by name and genuinely care about how well a student does in their classroom. There is a certain sense of family between the faculty and students. The University of Findlay is small compared to most universities, but academics are taken seriously and are the top priority of the students and faculty alike.


They had a direct entry program and it is realitively close to my grandparents house




State of the Art Facility at the western and English barns


Compared to the other schools that I was considering to go to this school had the best program for my major. The University of Findlay allows Pre- Vet students to work with animals and be able to treat them.


the pre veterinary program they had.


It's smaller so you're closer with friends and you know a lot of people around campus. That is definitely nice!


The University of Findlay is a small, friendly campus while other schools are much larger. The University of Findlay students are known by their professors and will receive help whenever needed. Tutoring services are also available to any student. Professors at the University of Findlay are helpful and care about their students work and progress. At the University of Findlay, I know professors care about me, help me find a job, and help with my studies.


It is small but there still lots going on


Equine program and Pre-Vet were both offered, but the equine program was awful.


Findlay is unique because it is so close-knit. Students get to know their classmates and professors very well, which is handy when it comes to work in the classroom. Often you see people you know. Students here build friendships that will last a lifetime.