The University of Findlay Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love my hands on experience working with the horses five days a week three hours a day. Not many schools can offer the amazing experience I get on a daily basis for my major. I love how shocked everyone is that I do these things that are directly related to my major on a daily basis and I just started college. I am very proud of our Western Equestrian Studies major.


All of the freebies! As we know, the University of Findlay is very expensive. Despite the high costs, I have received many things for free. There is always give aways such a t-shirts, movie tickets, and concert tickets. I currently have eleven UF shirts, and I havent paid for one of them. My friends and family always give me a hard time because I get all these free shirts, but I keep them for myself. I suppose I should stop rubbing it in their faces.


I would definitly say that I talk about the students the most. The Findlay students, no matter what year, are always friendly to everyone that comes, whether it be high schoolers on visitation days or upper classmen helping out the younger years with their course work. Everyone is kind and helpful to everyone else, making the enviroment for learning absolutely perfect for any kind of student.


My school has one of the best pre-veterinary programs there is, and it has alot of animals for hands on experience.


The free laundry.


#1 Equine School in the Country


I brag about the College of Pharmacy since I am a pharmacy student. Sixty students every year, including myself, are accepted into the profesional program right after high school as long as a 3.0 GPA is mainatined. This means that there is no competition between other pre-pharmacy students for a spot in the professsional program. An extra application, essay and interview were required to be considered for acceptance into the program. The university also has nationally known equestrian, pre-vet and physical therapy programs. Findlay tries keep up with in demand careers.


I would have to say I brag most about the education department at Findlay. They are very helpful and willing to help their students no matter what. I tell them how their are around twenty teachers and they are have different parts of the field they specialize in. They make sure you get the most out of your education. I think this helps because one day you are going to be teaching students just like we was when we was in high school and elementry school and they want the best education for them.


I say that my school is great. I am always involved in activities on campus, extracurriculars, and social activities. Being involved on campus is what keeps me here at school, keeps me interested , and it makes school and the college experience more fun.


We have an amazing basketball team. There is always something to do on weekends. Classes teach you what you need to know in the long run. Professors are WONDERFUL! It's nice to walk around and know almost everyone.


Friends and outrageous professors