The University of Findlay Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is very quiet, and someone who likes the small school atmosphere.


Anybody that would like to further their education. This school has a wide variety of people and is very small and welcoming.


People focused on getting their school work done, and some socializing, but like a calmer atmosphere.


An outgoing and entheusatic person should attend Findlay.


The type of person who should attend The University of Findlay is one who wants to be connected to their learning experience. Small class sizes provide opportunities for interaction with peers and professors. A person who is not fond of large group settings would excel at this university


The kind of person who does not like big cities or crowded environments.


The quality of person that the University of Findlay requires, at least in the Psychology/Philosophy departments, must possess an open mind and a willingness to explore the beliefs of others. The person should be community-oriented and willing to offer their time. A deep commitment must be made in the classroom as well as a hardened character, or ability to break free from comfort zones and explore the world of relationships, opportunities, and experiences that Findlay has to offer.


The type of person that should attend must be willing to devote time and effert to have positive results.


University of Findlay is a great school for anyone that is thinking of going into Equestrian or Pre- Vet major. Also the university has a great Pharmacy program too. University of Findlay is in a medium city that has small mall and so this campus would be for someone that doesn?t really care about shopping and going to a lot of different places to hang out with friends. A person can go here if they like a medium size campus and can have different sizes of classes.


A person who is ready to experience most of the things that are involved with their carrer choice.


Someone who is focused on getting a degree and working hard for it.


Someone who is looking to be part of a close-knit community.


Someone who isn't looking fo extremely hard classes but still wants a good, strong education.


Someone who knows what they want to do prior to attending the school, it is too expensive to be switching majors and changing classes once school beings. This person is does not need to be independent, the school interacts more with parents and requires you to live on campus for at least 3 years.




Anyone. There is something for everyone


Selecting a college is the hardest decision students have to make because no one school is right for everybody. For students who do not want to attend large universities and prefer small class sizes the University of Findlay would be a great choice. Individuals who are more interested in learning than partying should consider the university because it is an alcohol free campus. The University of Findlay has a strong religious community where students regularly talk about their faith. The University of Findlay has something to offer to everyone and at the very least should be given an opportunity.


Someone who wants to work hard and find a good career.


Someone who doesn't want a big school, and is good at finding things to do. The campus does have at least one event everyweekend, however, there isn't a whole lot to do in the town. But also wanting to have more of a personal connection in the school setting, the profs are very supportive and incourage questions and meetings when we need help.