The University of Findlay Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who doesn't like small schools.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not going to commit themselves accademically.


Students who are interested in extremely large universities and big sprawling campuses shouldn't attend the University of Findlay. The campus is small and localized and houses only around 4,000 undergraduate students. If you are someone looking for a large university in terms of campus size and student body, then the University of Findlay most likely is not your type of post-secondary institution.


Everyone would fit in at the University of Findlay. I am in a very small major, but still feel part of the entire University.


A black person. ha


The school is mostly geared towards Pre-Vet, Animal Science, Equestrian, and Pharmacy students. If your major is not one of those options then chances are that you'd be better suited someplace else.


The person that shouldn't attend this school, are please who dont like horses or dont like a lot of people who ride horses. also people who really only come to the school for a semester and say the program they are in isn't worth their time.


a person who likes big city life


A person who likes to party and thinks that college is a joke its the type of person that should not attend this college. The reason being is because this college is one of the colleges that I can say is really trying to teach you what you need to know in your field of studies.


If a person loves big cities then they probably should not attend a school like Findlay. It would probably be considered very small in that case.


People who love andneed to be in the city and in a fast paced enviroment should not attend this school. It is more of a country/equine based school.