The University of Findlay Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?




The most frustrating thing about the University of Findlay is that there is a considerable difference in the male to femal ratio. Because U of F is known for its outstanding Pre-Vet program, and most aspiring veterinarians are females now, there are a significant more females here, which is great for the guys, but frustrating for the girls.


My major is not one of the big ones at this school, so my education is not as good as it could be in a location that was more supportive of my major. Also, the campus is not very exciting and filled with culture, so I always find myself comparing it to life in the city where there is much more diversity and individualism to be found.


You are going to pay hundreds of dollars for textbooks that you might read, but probably won?t. You?ll keep 'em for a couple months on your dusty, neglected bookshelf, allowing the publishers enough time to print a newer edition, rendering yours essentially worthless. Then you sell them back to the bookstore for a total of around...$7.38. Before class, email your professors. Ask which books you need. Ask if they know of anyone looking to sell their copy. Sometimes you can get away with buying a slightly older edition for cheap. Look online. Be smart. Think ahead.


I have not came across any frustations from my college that I am attending.


All the papers you have to write


the maturity level of the students is rather low.


Some teachers aren't as qualified and don't have as much experience as they should be since tuition is so high. Also, some of the open hours of some of the facilities.