The University of Findlay Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known what I wanted to do with the rest of my life sooner so I could have attended the college right after high school.


I wish I had known about all the golfcarts. The university has a lot of golfcarts for faculty members, and they are always in the way! I can't count how many times I've almost got ran over by the tiny things popping up from around the corner. They're actually not that hazardous. I just didn't expect them to turn up everywhere, and quite frankly, I get a little jealous when I see them and I'm walking in the rain with my forgotten umbrella.


I wish I had looked more into my degree program and had made sure that there were internship opportunities for it. I also would have made sure that there were opportunities to study abroad. I don't want to say that my degree was a waste of time and money as I made some wonderful friends through it, but I could have gotten better opportunities and a more rewarding education elsewhere.


I had visited a couple more times so I would know my way around campus a little better


Just more about the pharmacy program itself. They are not fully accredited so they may have to get rid of the program after this year and I will have to transfer somewhere else.


Before I came to this school I wish I would have known how much I was gone to have to pay monthly for my tuition. Not knowing, I have to pay 1,277 each month for the next four months.


I haven't attented yet but from what i see attending orientation there isn't to much to complain about everyone is very helpful.


Prior to attending the University of Findlay, I wish I would have understood how important time management skills are. Being able to manage the time you spend on classes and other activities, such as a job or social events, allows for a balancing act which will allow you to be successful. I was oblivious to the amount of time I would be spending on going to classes, doing homework, and studying. In order to work off-campus and be able to spend time with family and friends, I had to adjust and learn to manage my time appropriately.


That there was no horse lessons.


Being a Browns fan, I wish I would have known that this was Steelers country because Ben grew up here.


I wish I would have known how much tuition goes up each year. This is quite an expensive school and the tuition only gets higher each year!


I wish I would have known that it is to my benefit to be who I am and not the image of what I thought would be smart to become.


I wish I had known at the beginning of my college career that I was going to transfer to the University of Findlay from Owens Community College so that I would have taken all of the transferrable classes; this would have saved me a lot of time and money. I also would have like to know at the beginning of college that attending a full-time status helps me obtain more grants and scholarships, thus making getting an education more feasible.


The thing that I wish I knew before I started college is what the professors expect from their students.


I wish I would have known to get an internship as soon as possible, because I passed up an opportunity freshman year.


I wish I would have known it is hard to get an off-campus part-time job to help out with my finances.


A large population of students go home on the weekends and there are very little activities available on the weekends.


That there are very few job opportunities for out of state students. Most businesses will not hire you if you're not from Findlay because you go away over breaks.


That there was absolutely nothing to do on the weekends.


I initially wanted to do pre-vet, but switched before I came. So I guess I wish that I knew I wasn't going to go through, because it may have made me choose a different college. I liked all of my science classes, but I feel that I could have had been a better match with a different school, that would have given me better opportunities.


Administration and Financial aid are not very helpful to students and only assist you if your parents get involved in the suitation. This school does not treat its students as if they are adult, they treat you more like you are still in high school and you need parents permission to do anything, this can get very annoying.


I wished I would have known about the country side of the school and how much it is apart of the school.


I wish I knew more about the surrounding community of Findlay.