The University of Findlay Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The University of Findlay offers its students modern facilities and tremendous professors. Without a doubt, the best thing about my school would be those two things. My school provides its students some of the best and highest quality professors a university can offer. They are extremely involved in your curriculum and are concerned about your education. The University of Findlay also gives its students the latest in lab and classroom technology. These are the best things that the University of Findlay offers its students.


My Teachers are nice and helpfu when you are having problems with school work. Thepeopleworking in the library are also helpful in searching for any articles in the data base. They help you in looking for books outside campus in Ohio library. They have schorlarships for outstanding students who are coming in and that help alot with the tuition since its a private school and the tuition is high compared to public schools. This awards given to studentsis very helpful especially for we the Minority students since coming from a third world country is hard to pay the tuition.


The professors, because they care, and the network of people that are around here, connected by a common faith and a belief we are doing the right thing.


The size. The campus is not too big so as to be overwhelming, but it is large enough for you to find a group of friends that you will fit in with.


The best thing about The University Of Findlay is by far the upper classmen. They are so nice and helpful, if you ask a question they are more then happy to help. They will help you find classes, get books, and help you out picking teachers.


The best thing about my University is the tight-knit community. With less than 2,800 undergraduate students we have a lot of school pride, especially since our Varsity Men's basketball program won the National Championship just a few years back. The small class ratio, constant campus events and dorm life all contribute to creating tight bonds among students in similar majors, and the such!


The small class sizeenables you to talk to the professor if necessary. The hands on experience of the pre-veterinary program made this school my top choice for an education before veterinary school. Many of my experiences in science would not have been possible if it were not for The University of Findlay.


It has a small school atmosphere. You're likely to have many of the same in several of your classes so it's quite easy to make friends and find people to study with.


I believe the best thing about the University of Findlay is its small classes, which allows for more one-on-one time with teachers. The professors at UF are highly qualified and are constantly pushing their students to do their best. They offer to meet with students after hours and have given out their home and cell phone numbers, in case students have questions over the weekend. The professors pride themselves in how well the students perform and make it know to them. Having this one-on-one time with teachers has made my experience at UF extraordinary.


The best thing is probably the brand name effect. While the programs are not current, they have a past reputation that helps them "sell" their graduates.


The best thing about The University of Findlay is the sense of belonging that is instilled in incoming freshman by the upperclassmen and faculty. No matter what sort of trouble a student runs into, they are never without help. Staff members will take time out of their lives to meet wth students about academic concerns or personal issues. This is an extremely valuable resource for student's transitioning from high school to life at a university.


The best thing about this college is that i am learning a lot of things this is my second college, the first one was very wrong for me. Here at the college that I am at now, I am challenged and I am learning with understanding.


I think the best thing about my school is the people here are all very friendly and helpful, I have made alot of friends from all over the country and am having alot of fun!


The best thing about my school are its opportunities for work or employment. There are many jobs on campus and off campus. I have two on campus jobs, one as a Resident Assistant and the other as a Computer Lab Assistant. These jobs give me opportunity to meet new people, get familiar with campus facilities and buildings and give me more responsibility as a newly independent student and adult.


The University of Findlay has many positive attributes such as small class sizes, a small town environment, and most importantly extraodinary professors. The professors at the university are extremely enthusiastic and always willing to help. As a student athlete I have had the opportunity to work with professors in order to make sure I do not miss any class work. In all of my experiences the professors have been flexible with my schedule and have offered their free time to review the material. Overall, the professors at the university are the strongest quality because of their enthusiasm, dedication, and flexibility.