The University of Montana Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UC Berkely's little cousin.


Beautiful old buildings, many trees of different varieties. I really great middle courtyard called "the oval" where people meet and recreate in between classes.


This university is great for the outdoorsman


A Happy, Hopping, Open-minded, Funniest University around!


Nationally known college with a small-town feel to it, with incredibly helpful people that are community-oriented.


A good university with many hardcore alumni.


Fun, loving, non-judgemental, people who believe in the freedom of speech but also with a very high expectation for students and faculty to work together to succeed.


This school is very old but the people here are like family.


A blend of outdoor enthusiasts, poets, and business majors; The University of Montana is the melting pot of western Montana set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.


My school is a well-orginized, student-friendly enviornment where students can thrive and prosper with their academics as well as experience the great outdoor surrounding areas.


The University of Montana maybe a small University but it is serious about its academics.


The students are very loyal in sporting events and love the outdoors.


Fun, interesting, demanding


UM is a beautiful, older school sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountains where students can get their full of intellectualisum and outdoor activities in one day with little distance in time or travel.


The University of Montana is where I want to be.


A great home for those interested in out-door pursuits, down-to-earth classmates, and good educators.


The University of Montana is a school full of diversity and culture. If you are looking for a school in a safe and beautiful mountain community with neighbors that care about you, and new people to meet every day, then look no further. UM offers wide variety of courses and many different ways to go about learning that suit any life style. With a main campus as well as a smaller community campus, UM offers it's students a huge window of opportunity to make thier goals a reality.


The school is liberal, beautiful, diverse, and full of hippies, alcoholics, nerds, and jocks.


The University of Montana is very diverse, we have many foreign students attend our school.


The University of Montana is a school of pride and beauty sitting at the base of large mountains in Montana. The campus is one of the most beautiful campuses you will ever see with great brick buildings. The best part though is the people, everyone is different but everyone has a passion for their school and their area of studies. As well, the professers and advisors go out of their way to help the students succeed.


I would describe it with adjectives: fun, loving, crazy, hard working, tough classes, studing, and more studing.


The University of Montana is a great place for college, I was very nervous to being college but all the activies here kept me busy and not missing home so much, UM isknown for enjoying the beautiful outdoors by hiking, fishing, hunting, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and rooting on grizzly athletics.


The University of Montana is a diverse learning environment that provides ample opportunities to students interested in bettering their experiences.


The University of Montana (Missoula) is truly a safe and inspiration institution of learning.


A beautiful, colorful campus situated at the base of the mountains with committed students who strive to be successful and better citizens of the community.


The University of Montana is an exceptional public university for its size and location where people can participate in an unique culture and study a variety of interesting subjects.


The University of Montana has a beautiful campus, involved students, and plenty of activities to keep you busy.


The University of Montana is located in the midst of the Rocky Mountains with great outdoor experiences just minutes from Campus and located at the heart of Missoula, a college town with a proud history and lively sports culture.


The University of Montana is school of interest and diversity.




The University of Montana is open-minded, goal-oriented, fun, and promotes all people, activities, lifestyles, and personalities while remaining a professional organization.


My school has a very beautiful campus.


The University of Montana is a University that is filled with caring teacher that want to help you grow in your education.


The University of Montana is a proud institution that focuses mainly on athletics.


The university of montana is a diverse , wonderful, educational school.


The University of Montana in Missoula is a great school for students who have an appreciation for the outdoors along with their desire for an above average education.


The University of Montana offers students diverse educational and cultural opportunities, encouraging research and lifelong learning, while inspiring community leadership and sustainability among a magnificent mountain setting.


The University of Montana provides an excellent education, celebrating diversity and community in a beautiful setting in Western Montana.


A friendly atmosphere filled with a diverse student population. The campus is very picturesque with aesthetic buildings and the backdrop of mountains behind the campus. Teachers are knowledgable and professional with their teaching style and always invite more questions if you're driven enough to go beyond the usual classwork.


The most amazing and friendly university you will ever step foot on!


Our school is competative, fun, artistic, and interesting.


The University of Montana is a school that offers a wide range of majors and activities that plays to the needs of all students.


Diversity, we are very open to all people, and welcome everyone.


The University of Montana is full of students with a great amount of school spirit who are proud to say they are a Griz!


The University of Montana is a blend of peaceful comfort and exciting oppurtunities, where students can explore all aspects of their education, and themselves.


My school is a melting pot of all races, ethinicities, political standings, beliefs, values, and appearances.


The University of Montana, Missoula is encompassed by beautiful mountains, great people, and a diverse range of academia.


The University of Montana is a phenomenal, accepting, school that allows students the time and experience they need to succeed and change their lives.


The University of Montana is a college for students seeking a positive learning environment, complete with smaller class sizes, teachers who care, and a beautiful campus.


The University of Montana is a functional learning environment with an open minded and appropriate work load that is considerate of its students futures and goals.