The University of Montana Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It is a smaller Division 1 university that is in a western Montana city and it is a school that tries to get the students involved in politics and groups.


The University is very calm, collective,rewarding and easy going.


The University of Montana is a small town university that makes a student feel like they are living in a tight nit community that while still offering many opportunities to learn and grow.


Small, comfortable campus surrounded by majestic mountains and a supportive town.


Small, friendly, and rural.


Has its ups and downs.


A librel college.


Surrounded by the great outdoors.


The University of Montana is a high spirited, beautiful campus with a broad range of activities, classes, and has the best quad I have ever seen.


The University of Montana is a great place to learn, its the perfect size with the right amount of academics, sports and extracurricular activities.


The University of Montana is a friendly and engaging campus set in a beautiful state where both indoor and outdoor learning is available.


the university of montana is one of a kind.


Sitting in the oval, in the Montana sun is where you will find everyone!


The UM has high quality professors, a close nit campus environment and high school pride surrouned by a nature setting you can't get any where else.


This school does wonders with what it's got, and at its core are people who genuinely love living where they do and how they do.


Missoula is a well-rounded school. We have the beauty and activities offered by the great outdoors. We also have very happy and friendly students and faculty. I consider Missoula to be very environmentally driven. We also have a liberal community that is very welcoming. For example, Missoula itself is well known for its strong lesbian community. We also have very a popular study abroad program so our students have the opportunity to travel and we also host tons of international students.


The University of Montana fits my life like a glove; as I continue to go to school here, I fall in love more and more with the people and the area.


A small school in a wide open state, with emence opportunities for people who are willing to do the work.


Undeniably great.


The widest array of different personalities and activities in Montana with a distinctly welcoming atmosphere.


The University of Montana is a great school to want to learn and still have an outdoors life.


The University of Montana provides its students with the highest standards of academics, healthy living, recreation and lifestyle.


My school is very upbeat and the students are very encouraging and accepting of everyone to go out and try new things and be a part of campus groups and activities.


A place where hippies migrate to and classes are large but inviting.


The University of Montana is a great place to experience all of the best parts of college life.


Everything is absolutley beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing about it, including its size and location.