The University of Montana Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The group I am graduating with, as I am a nontraditional student, seem more grounded, more mature, more hopeful for the state of our future in this country, than the students I originally enrolled with, and I have a lot of respect for their ambitions and their maturity.


I'm a non-traditional student, so I would describe most of the students at my school as kids.


To be honest it is hard for me to describe my classmates as I do not know them very well, but at first glance I would say happy and active.


Many are motivated and hard working, but some are not.


My classmates at the University of Montana vary greatly. Missoula has a very diverse population of people; we have naturalists, conservatives and republicans. We have so many different kinds of people it is hard to describe The University of Montana's student base in such a small allotment of words. We as a community, have so many traits it truly makes us a unique place. We are are really a unique demographic and you have to experience it for yourself and truly believe it for your own eyes.


I have not met my future classmates but I do know friends who have and are attending The University of Montana and they love it! With remarks that the students are very helpful and like to have fun!


My classmates are considerate, caring, and hard working people who put social justice and social equality before themselves.


My classmates at the University of Montana are driven; they pursue high thinking, they display their thirst for knowledge by constantly asking questions, they strive to make their dreams come true, and to build their own future for themselves.


No matter what your background, you and your classmates will always have one thing in common: your deep appreciation of the quaintness of downtown Missoula and the majesty of the beautiful Northwest.




The students at UM are passionate people, interested in a diverse range of subjects and social issues, who are not afraid to show their support and enthusisum.


My classmates are diverse.


The people that go to U Of M are very diverse, no matter who you are or where you're from you'll find a place at this college. The classes are friendly the people are the same, there is a great foriegn exchange program here and so there are many different cultural aspects at this college.


My classmates at the University of Montana have a passion for the outdoors as well as the area they live in. They are a diverse group of young people with all sorts of different backgrounds from country folk, city kids, and suburban kids who all get along and all share the same passion of the outdoors and the beauty that is Montana.


My classmates at the University of Montana are many things; diverse, fun, free, friendly, eccentric, enthusiastic, carefree, involved, enthusiastic, joyful, generous, jolly, playful, creative, full of vitality, and gregarious, but, above all else, they are the ones I share a passion with.


Liberal politics dominate the campus, but there's enough people from Montana to keep it somewhat down to earth. There's lots of overpriviledged students from the Bay Area, north suburbs of Chicago, various east coast cities, and (usually the wealthiest suburb of) any major metropolitan area in the US. These kids are often the most visible due to their outward display of affluence. Any suburban white upper-middle class slacker will find plenty of people with similar interests. Minorities are rare, but certainly accepted.


My classmates are all hard working and dedicated students. All nursing students are studious and serious about their work and schooling. We are all supportive of one another and want everyone in our classes to acheive to the best of their ability. My classmates are carring and supportive friends who want nothing but the best.


My classmates are eager to learn, excited about college and keep the classroom fun.


Classmates here at the University of Montana are some amazing people. There are so many people from different backgrounds and there is such a rich ethnic diversity here on campus. People are always really friendly and supportive. It is nice to have such welcoming community here. Classmates here create an environment that is conducive to learning which is helpful. Overall, the students here at the University of Montana are some pretty great people.


My classmates are en eclectic mix; from bohemian hippies from Vermont to driven polysci majors from Korea this hodgepodge group is welcoming beyond imagining and draws its strength and community from its broad spectrum of experience.


They are very supportive and helpful. We had a class last semester that was rough, the first test was killer, so about 12 of us got together and formed a study group it helped so much. It was nice to have peers sharing ideas on the differn't material and what they got from the readings. I got A's on my next two exams.


My classmates are a collection of people from all corners of the globe and all walks of life, each one with a quiet determination to succeed in whatever they ultimately choose as their path in life.


My classmates are very diverse and from all over the country, sometimes the world. Most work hard and are just average like myself.


My classmates are driven and eager to learn, but do not put all of their being and soul into their work.


My classmates are incredibly supportive and I trust them to provide helpful feedback in my studies.


My classmates are completely different from the type of classmates I had in High School-in the best possible way!


My classmates at the University of Montana are hard working, and the diversity of studies that take place creates a great college environment.


Being as I don't share all of my classes with the same people I cannot describe them all the same. For the most part they are well behaved and give attention the the speaker.


My classmates are fun, friendly, accepting, and most importantly eager to learn; they help me thrive in my academic abilities.


In my experience as a non-traditional older student, I find that most of my classmates are distractiing and disrespectful due to talking during lecture, texting, and social networking on the computer while class is in session.


My classmates are very down to earth, there are no problems with anyone and we all are very close since we have such small class sizes.


UM students are diverse, open-minded and fascinating: they are as rich as the Missoula community itself.


My classmates are helpful and friendly.


,seems always unmotivated, bored and less enthusitic to the class materials and lectures, and oftenly duplicates projects from their friends and occasionally giving out their assignment to the other classmate, and I have seen those people's been getting an A through the all the course materials, and the insturctor or the professor never went through the assignment thoroughly by just giving out points randomly, some of them arent showing up at the class throughout the semester, has been passed without being probated by school, all look like one of those students you can see them from the night school.


My fellow classmates are intelligent, especially my fellow Journalism peers. They are witty and fun as well so it has made it easy to develop great friendships. They are all very supportive. I hope that I keep in contact with many of them throughout my life and career. I feel being around students like the students at University of Montana have helped me grow into the smart and talented young woman that I am today.


Many are commited to their majors, while others seem lost and undecided.


As is probably the case at any school, some students are extremely driven, but it seems that many don't really know what they want or where they are going; they are just along for the ride.


My classmates are driven to learn, accepting of most, and create an atmosphere of great discussions and a safe learning environment.


My classmates are helpful students who are willing to get to know you.


A great divers goup of people that make you excited to go to school everyday. There is always something new and interesting about people at the University. You will make friends in every kind of group out there. People are friendly and will always lend a helping hand if you are in need.


My classmates are very down to earth. They are very out-going. Before, I came here, I heard about this rumor saying Montana people are racist. As an international student, I was very nervous. However, it was very different from what I have heard. They are very nice. They are very active. Since Montana is linked to the environments, they are closer to earth. They make me smile. They know how to appreciate the beautiful earth.


Each of my classes has a variety of different people in each of them. Almost everyone is different from each other as far as what they wear, what their interests are and also their interest in the class itself. People in my classes are friendly and willing to help each other out. There tend to be more girls in my classes than there are boys.


My classmates are very diverse.


My classmates are from backgrounds of all kinds, have all been friendly, optimistic, supportive, and helpful.


My classmates are diverse, excelling in various fields the university has to offer.


My classmates are smart, interesting people who are open and friendly when spoken to for the most part.


My classmates in the university come from different backgrounds and are friendly to each other.


My classmates are some of the best, while in class we are cordial and quiet to our professors, but they are also help the other students around them by sharing notes or describing what is taking place in the class to others who are not aware of what is happening.


My classmates are a barrage of all different students! Being in Tech School at almost 30 years old, I do not feel out of place. Most students seem very focused on their goals of their 1 or 2 year program. It seems a lot more serious than 4 year campuses I've been to.


My classmates are everyday students, most are dedicated to their studies but some are dedicated to the other parts of college life. They are all very nice and open-minded as well as helpful.