The University of Montana Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I have been very lucky with all of my professors so far. Each has been supportive, understanding and very good at their jobs. There are many opportunities to find a club or organization that you could belong to. The staff is extrememly supportive and has been helping me with potential internships and has helped me map out my plans for education.


Well, I prefer not to brag about anything because I am not an arrogant person. However, I tell them the campus is a beautiful one. There are a plethra of activities around the area espiecally outdoors ones. The students on the campus are generally very friendly people with no signs of intimidation. The faculty and teachers are well-trained and willing to help a student in need. The food services on campus are high quality, healthy food with affordable prices.




I love the atmosphere at UM! Both tradition and diversity are accepted and encouraged; it was easy to find my niche.


The opportunities for my major. Being a Wildlife Biology major, the school has alot to offer as well as being very helpful. Internship opportunities from all over the country are posted on the website, and the teachers are very helpful with questions and guidance. The classes provide heaps of information, the shcool even owns part of a forest that we have the opportunity to learn in. There are also very unique classes that focus in on careers that I would love to do, like Wildlife Handling.


When talking about The University of Montana, I talk about the beautiful campus. UM has great diversity not only pertaining to students, but the programs it offers as well. There is so much to do on campus, the variety of classes and clubs is great for any interest. Plus, UM is known to have a superb athletics program, and there is a huge venue of entertainment that students can enjoy. UM is a wonderful place for individuals to learn and grow as adults.


The scenery and possibilites are amazing here. The weather can be harsh, but still there's no other place like this one - especially in the spring.


I definatly brag about the amazing friends aI've made since I moved to Montana to attend the University of Montana. I can never walk to class without seeing someone I know. The people here are so accepting and outgoing, and I haven't met a single person yet that I don't like. I also brag about the extremely stong and professional Journalism School. The classes offered are far more extensive then I could have ever imagined. I'm confident that when I graduate, I'll have gotten and education AND real experience.


I have been given so many chances to become the best teacher that I can be. The education program keeps me in the elementary schools as much as possible. I have been given time to learn in my field long before my final semester in college.


Campus is beautiful and very enviormentally friendly. Wilderness is just 15 minutes out your door so the oppertunties for outdoor receration is innumerable . Missoula is a lovely city that is enviornmentally conscious as well as very supportive to all its students. Transportation is well organized. The people, on and off campus, tend to be really friendly and helpful. Most professors will bend over backwards to help you and campus tech is always working to produce the best technology for its staff and students. There is almost always something going on somewhere on campus; from lectures to music to sports.


When I brag about my school, The University of Montana I begin with stating that I am a dance major. I am going to graduate with a BFA, and do what I love as a career. How many people do you know that get to do what they love for a job every single day of their life? I then come to say that attending this school provides a city environment, and the great outdoors in just a few miles; the best of both worlds. Also, this is where I have to come to meet some of my best friends.


Our campus is awsome with all sorts of outdoor activities. All of my instructors are great, very knowledgeable and open for questions. The biggest things is ITS MONTANA with mountains all around. I Love going to school here.


I brag to others about my schools beautiful tree-covered campus, friendly town, and surrounding countryside. Not to mention clean and crisp mountain air free of charge! ;)


I brag about the fact that the University of Montana allows people to experience many things that other schools and communities would not be able to offer Since Montana has such diversity in geological features, many activities that people are invited to allow them to explore the landscapes of the state, letting them learn about their environment, and ultimately making them appreciate the value of the earth on which all people live. In addition, it is considered to be at the heartbeat of all communities in Montana, and because of that, people will find every type of person here.


When talking about college, I most often discuss how the students are integral to the success of various programs. There is no separation between the classroom and hands-on experiences—which provides many opportunities for students. I am only a sophomore, but I am part of a team that is building and taking a massive design exhibit to take to Prague this summer. I have also been involved in building the sets for dramatic performances, and working backstage on those same performances. Instead of learning in a classroom, the University of Montana uses a successful hands-on approach.


I have great proffessors.


I love the surrounding area, people and overall atmosphere associated with the school. The community is absolutely wonderful. Friendly, helpful and generous people fill the streets. It's very environmentally friendly and the professors are 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} here to help and ensure the best outcome for the students.


The campus at the University of Montana isn't loud or constantly under construction like many campuses, yet it is bustling with activity. There is an art museum across the bridge, an authentic Thai restaurant eighteen blocks away in Missoula's downtown, and a mountain to hike behind the campus bookstore. The community offers you the adventures and experiences you wanted to gain when you left home for college without sacrificing the comfort. Missoula, MT is a beautiful place where you can explore who you are and who you want to be among a friendly and diverse community of people.


I believe The U of M has a friendly campus with a lot of opportunity to make friends. I enjoy Missoula because of the culture and open attitude which reflects the campus as well. The U has a center field called the oval that is kept very green and is a perfect place to kick a soccer ball around, study, or take a nap. Located just across the campus is a mountain that has a 20 minute or less climb which is great inbetween classes to blow off steam and to get some exercise.


The campus is beautiful and the people on campus are great. The town of Missoula has a lot to offer as far as entertainment and recreation. The river is a wonderful feature of the town. I have made really good friends here and I have done a lot of work that I am very proud of.


I mostly brag about how much activities they have for us to do on campus, considering how small my school is. Also are new football program that just started this year.


The outdoor lifestyle! UM is perfect for anyone looking to get outside and explore God's country.


I brag about the Journalism program that I am in, the amount of friends that I have made, Grizzly athletics; especially Football, the arts-community of Missoula, the amount of things to do here in spare time, the beauty of the campus and surrounding areas to hike and enjoy nature like skiing in the winter and floating the river in the summer, and the over-all love that I have developed for the Montana college-town. I didn't apply to any other school, because I wanted to go to a school close to home, which is Helena, Montana.


The University of Montana provided me with a top notch education and I was able to find a job in my field before graduation. I love that the University of Montana holds such a rich historical tradition. There is no way to describe the thrill you feel as you walk into Washington/Grizzly stadium for the first time. The University of Montana students are proud of that tradition and strive to keep it alive.


I brag about the Entertainment Management program I am in. It is a hands on class based on real world experience. The program is taught almost entirely of guest speakers who are leaders in the Entertainment Industry. We have had guest speakers from Live Nation, AEG plus academy award winning producers. Pollstar Magazine even claims The University of Montana's Entertainment Management program is a top place to receive an education in entertainment. Next semester I will even get to partake in a class devoted to market research for Paramount Studios. We are the only school that offers this opportunity.


I love the campus. It is located right under the M which is a trail you can hike inbetween classes. it also has a beautiful campus. lots of trees and places to study outside. I have been to the MSU campus and it is not as great, they actually have roads going thru the campus itself. There are no roads at the U of M campus.


When I tell people about the University of Montana, I brag about the business school's flexibility of scheduling. I have been able to take a full course load as well as working 35 or more hours a week. I also brag about the atmosphere of campus, how people are friendly and it is easy to strike up a conversation even while walking to class. Another notable aspect of this school is the football games. Everyone goes to football games at this school and it is always a fun time.


I brag about the school spirit. It is so crazy at a football game. I thought high school was the time for spirit, but then I arrived at the U of M and I realized I was completely wrong! Football is huge down here and there are alot of dedicated fans. Fans from all over the world come here to support the Montana Griz! So that is the biggest bragging point at the University of Montana.


I enjoy the atmosphere brought by the people that attend the University of Montana. Everybody is relaxed and friendly but also extremely driven and intellectual. The students here have all seemed to have chosen their future profession or professions and work endlessly to learn all they can during their time at the university. On campus you will find people loyally passionate about their chosen path - using research, discussion, technology, advice, and countless other resources in order to become the best at what they do.


When talking about my school, I tell people about how diverse it is. There is always things to do on campus. I believe that everyone can find something that suits them and their likings.


The only thing about which I can currently brag about concerning my school is our Judo dojo.


I brag to my friends that Montana is a great fit for me. I tell them that I am so happy with my choice in colleges. For me, when I was choosing colleges, I picked Montana because I felt so comfortable here. As it turns out, my feelings were correct and to this day, I am still very comfortable and happy here at the University of Montana.


When I brag about my school, I usually talk about how beautiful the campus is, how interesting my classes are, how may extra-curricular activities I can be involved in and the attitude of the people around campus. The attitude of the campus is a very positive one. There is little to no predjudice at this college. Every person here is treated as just that, a person.


I brag about the other students on campus when I describe the University of Montana to my friends, mainly that the people are for the most part friendly, while off the campus citizens are rude and distant.


When I talk about being at school, I feel like the first thing I talk about is the people. When I am out and about I smile at everyone I pass, I love it when people brighten up and smile back. Never in my life have so many people smiled or said hi. It seems to me that everyone at my school is really kind hearted and nice. My school is very liberal so it might have something to do with that. My favorite part about my school ig being able to look anywhere and seeing a smiling face.


The facilities allow for activities and classes others campuses may not. Its also a beautiful area with a lot of extra curricular activities to enjoy.


The teachers are very personal and easy to talk to. The staff listens to you and lets you ask questions and they are very understanding but also very competent teachers. The courses are not to hard and very interesting because the teachers care about their subjects and their students. Most classes are decent sie and the teachers mostlly know your name which is very encouraging.


I would definately brag about its location, scenary, activities available, school spirit, and the interest of the professors in wanting to help out the students as best that they can.


The mountains around it.


I love the location. There are lots of things to do outdoors. I love that there's quite a variety of programs. For example, I'm considering an Irish studies minor which includes learning the Irish language which I love. The programs are pretty awesome as well. The music program for example is great with lots of concerts.


I love my professors. Most of them are brilliant, engaging and approachable. Of course the landscape around the school is also a major plus. In the warmer months there is always plenty to do and beautiful places to explore.


The location, the city, the easy access to fun outdoor activities, my classes.


When I talk to my friends about the University of Montana, I like to tell them about how it is a very friendly and beautiful campus. The classes are (somewhat) affordable, and there are many opportunities to have great experiences on campus. The surrounding town is amazing with many community-based activities. If given the chance to do it all over again, I would definitly choose UM again!




school spirit!!! Our football team rocks, made it all the way to championships. The town surrounding is amazing, the campus is gorgeous and well centered.


The instructors are very helpful and easy to talk with. The campus has a great learning enviroment. I feel I have a good education .


The absolutely amazing area here. There's always something going on downtown or on campus if you want to go socialize. If you're more the outdoors type, like myself, there is easy access to a massive array of outdoor recreation. From Glacier National Park just a few hours one way, Yellowstone and Grand Teton a few more the other direction, and a continuous network of National Forest and Wilderness areas bordering town, I could live here my whole life and only have begun to explore it all.


The Football team, its a powerhouse in Divison II. All the new buildings.


They are really friendly and accepting, you'll meet someone new almost everyday, they know how to have a good time


The thing I brag about most when I tell friends about my school is how beautiful the campus is. The University tries to maintain the original buildings that were on campus when it was first built. They also have signs outside of the buildings explaining their history. There are trees all over the campus with benches underneath them and large spreads of green grass to lay in.