The University of Montana Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The biggest problem I see with The University of Montana is their communication with both their incoming freshman and current students. Everything extending from dates of housing aplications, to class registration and all that has to be done. They have the information, but they don't send out it out to allow the ease of access for new students to be informed on all they need to be informed on.


The worst thing about the University of Montana is the age. If you are looking for a new, shiny, and aesthetically modern campus then this is not the place for you. With the exception of several buildings that have been built recently this is an older campus and you can tell from looking at it. It is very well kept and is not run down, but the styles of everything are older.


I put so much into my school as in being in the top clubs or extra-cirricular activties. When you get screwed over by the adminstration most lower teachers, etc will help. They will feel empathetic for you but when it comes to the higher position chairs, they won't help a single student if the University screwed up they protect themselves. But other than that its great school.


The parking is one of the most frustrating things at the University of Montana. Parking passes are also extremely expensive and alot of the time it is very difficult to even find a parking spot.


The town is completely focused on the football team because there are really no other sports teams in Montana, and due to that they allow the team to get away with pretty much anything. We made national news for it. It was and still is incredibly embarassing.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of scholarship opportunites available to its current unergraduate students. One is not allowed to apply for certain scholarships if certain other ones have been awarded to them, and there is also a lack of scholarships in general. This is a disadvantage for most students because we could use all the money we can to help fund our education.


The emphasis that the school put on sports over the arts was aggrevating because they should be treated equally.


The worst thing about this school is that there is no wireless interent in the dorms, it makes it a lot harder to bring your computer around with an ethernet cord.


The current scandal with the football players and date rape drugs.


The limited amount of parking space available for students and the expensive parking permit is the worst thing about our school. It is more convenient to be on foot and to use the bus to save money but not for time's sake.


The worst thing about the University of Montana is the lack of Quiet Hour enforcement. Quiet Hours start at 8pm on school nights, but there could be a party raging in the dorm down the hall until 3am without RA interference.


The worst thing about school so far is my advising counslor. She did not know what I wanted and kept ruining my schedual. Now she is one a break so they got a replacement who is worse than she is


There is not enough focus on the arts. The university revolves around the football team and it's players rather than emphasizing any of the extremely talented, artists, musicians, and visual people on campus.


The University of Montana has a large student population which sometimes makes finding new friends difficult and/or overwhelming.


For me, the worst thing about my school is the distance it is away from home. I am originally from Maui, HI so anywhere really is far away from home. It is difficult being in a state so far away from my family, friends, and the people who made up my support system for my entire life. Luckily, I have made new friends here and have been welcomed into many different communities. However, it is still difficult being away from the place I call home for such a long period of time.


I consider the advising process at my school the worst thing about it. Before signing up for classes every student must visit their assigned advisor. In my experiences so far these sessions are confusing instead of helpfull. However, I am still taking my general education requirements so my department advisor is not an expert in these. As a result I am sent to another faculty member in order to answer my questions. Then most of the time that member sends me to someone else. Although this is not the easiest process I have always gotten my questions answered eventually.


The departmental division. Since most departments have their own building in which most classes occur it i hard to truly meet new people outside your department.


Incoming freshman tend to be distracted with their social lives and sometimes forget to be courteous to other students during lectures, however this behavior does wane as they have to focus more on their studies during the semester. I believe this happens because college is a new enviornment for them, most are straight out of high school where classes were typically easy and work load was small, these students are meeting lots of new people and for most of them, they are away from living with their parents for the first time. Their discovering how to be adults.


The housing isn't always accesible to the students convienience. There are multiple times throughout the year that the price in housing hikes in price, but provides less services. Usually taking place in the Winter and Summer which makes it difficult to live on campus during a inter-sessional course.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of second hand smoke I breathe on a daily basis. All the buildings are smoke free but there is so much smoke outside between classes. On the other hand, I am very impressed with the amount of support available to help smokers quit. There was also a smoke free regulation voted to take effect in the fall of 2011.


The only thing that comes to mind, is the fact that we put so much emphasis on our football team. I believe other students, including myself, wish that more money would be put towards other departments besides the athletic one. We have a great team, but that's not everything at the University of Montana.


I believe the worst thing about my school is the availability of parking to the students. On many occasions I was forced to drive around the campus looking for an available parking spot and having no luck. I feel strongly about the fact that the University of Montana needs more parking. I believe that many of the students would agree with me on this subject and would like to see either more parking areas, or a new parking garage built on campus. The lack of parking I believe is the worst thing about my school.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the location. During the winter it gets so cold and icy you definitely have to be careful when walking to class. However, it is a minor problem because the school does an excellent job with trying to keep the sidewalks bare. Although, some improvement could be done with keeping them drier when the snow melts.


The school does not have enough money to do some of the environmentally friendly restructuring that they wish to do.


The worst thing about the University of Montana would have to be all the small charges they make to your account. Even though they are small, they add up quickly. I am sure every other college is the same, but it is frustrating to have to pay for things that I do not use. For example, I never use the public transportation system and the college requires me to buy a pass. My school is very eco friendly and I understand their thought process, but it would be nice to decide which things I would like to pay.


The thing I consider the worst thing about my school is affordable and available off-campus housing options. Because the cost of living is high, and wages are relatively low, finding a decent affordable place to live is extremely frustrating and difficult for a married unemployed student such as myself.


I believe that the school is undermaned in terms of on campus security at night and this is the worst part. The lighting along the walkways is dull, leaving many shadows for people to hide. Also, it is a rather large campus with building spaced far apart. There is only one security guard that patrols at night on bicycle. I would like to see brighter lights and a larger amount of active security patrolling during night time hours.


There is a lot of diversity, however, sometimes the most diverse people are the least educated yet have the loudest voice on campus. That gets fairly bothersome. Also, parking sucks.


Well since my major is Pre-Med, I wish my school had a more developed program for students in my major. However, it is continuing to improve every year.


I dislike that it feels isolated at times.


The worst thing at this school would have to be the heat or lack of heat in the buildings and class rooms.


The worst thing about the school is that it's a big, small university. Some of the features that make a small college great are there, but many of the bureaucracies and red tape situations of a larger university are there, without the additional features that make a large university cohesive, such as newer software for student/teacher interaction. The university has in place legacy course software called Blackboard at at time when software upgrades are becoming less and less expensive.


Very laid back, I feel as if it might be too easy to get into.


The administrative offices are the most difficult to deal with because there is often a long wait time to speak to them either in person or on the phone and students are often difected to other work study students who are not sufficiently trained sufficiently enough to give informative advise.


The worst thing about my school is transfer equilancy. I transferred from another in state college and ended up having to take many classes over that I was assured would transfer.


Financial aid is a nightmare. It was created to help prosperous students pay for an education that would secure their future, however; the application process is a never-ending phone call to someone who was referred by someone who in return refers me to another. How can something that is supposed to help you gain a higher level of education be so hard to acquire? Education secures everyone's future. The University of Montana needs to fix this mess and aid prospective students to relax knowing their future is secured.


The worst thing about The University of Montana is the trying to find a parking spot. Even if you have bought a parking permit, at times it is near impossible to find a spot. At certain times of the day it can be easier to find. That is one of the worst parts about a lot of college campuses though. Its not surprising. Sometimes you might just have to sacrifice and get a parking ticket one or two times. In the end though, you will be okay!


I always wish the winter passed by quicker because it is so cold but at the same time love to ski so the snow and mountains are a huge plus.


The worst thing about the University of Montana is the fact that alot of the faculty does not understand that alot of the students are not sure how they are going to pay for college and that it is stressful enough to be having those problems. Some of the staff are rude and not very helpful when it comes to ways to help you try and pay for college.


I would have to say that the worst thing about the U of M is the availability of classes. We topped over 15,000 students this year, yet it seems as if the number of classes keeps dropping. If I wasn't a senior status, I would have a hard time registering for the classes I need.


The worst thing about the University of Montana is their lack of alumi scholarships for children of alumi. I have four family member's that have attended and graduated from the school before me and I do not recieve any sort of legacy or alumi award. It would have made my decision in coming here much easier if I had recieved some extra finacial aide.


No need to complain


I beleive the worst thing about the University of Montana is the Parking! The parking is very expensive, and scarce.


I just transfered to this school, so I am not sure. However, everyone i know that goes to this school absolutely love it!


I believe the worst thing about the University of Montana is the stereotype that everyone who attends is a hippie. Missoula is known to be very liberal and a large amount of people smoke marijuana. I myself do not aprove of marijuana or any other drug use, which can sometimes cause problems when trying to make new friends.


The worst thing about my school is how inaccessible it is from my hometown in Boise, Idaho. I do not have a car, and I find it difficult to find affordable ways to get back and forth from home to school, and vice versa, without having my parents take days off of work.


Being a college student, it's always nice to have an all-you-can-eat meal for under three dollars available every day of the week. However, the food in our cafeteria isn't always as tasty as one might hope. After a while, it all starts tasting the same - a kind of rubbery bland taste. And unfortunately, since it's a serve-yourself buffet set up, the food isn't always hot when you get it back to your table.


Honestly, The University of Montana was not my first choice. Considering the economy and the money situation however, I didn't really have the chioce. The worst thing about my school to me is the weather. To some people this might be the best part. Being in Montana it's a given that it would be cold. However some winter mornings are brutal. I really enjoy my school so I to me it is simply the weather that I dislike the most.


Well, honestly, I would say my least favorite part about school would be the cost, and lack of money that comes with it. College is the time of experimenting and experience., the lack of money make it somewhat hard to do some of the stuff you would like to do and/or achieve.


The worst thing about this school, or any school for that matter, is the prices on bookstore buybacks. For as much money as the schools get from tuition, as well as meals and other activities, it seems that the school should give the students a higher percentage to buy the books back.