The University of Montana Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the University of Montana would have to be the parking. There are not enough parking spaces for all of the students who attend classes on the campus. The parking passes provided by the University are pricey and are far from worth it. You have to be lucky in order to find a parking spot that is close to where you need to be and is a parking spot in which you are allowed to be. I wish the University would take parking into consideration in future years for the thousands of future students.


I can't think of one single thing I consider bad about my school. My time spent at school has been the best time of my life. However, if I had to pick one thing I would say the lack of student jobs available on campus. I have a part-time job off campus, but it would be much more convenient for me to be able to work on campus.


If you HATE the cold, long winters of Montana, don't come here!


I wish the University would provide more one on one time with their professors if the student needs more help.


Parking. We are charged too much to obtain a parking pass for too few spaces. Campus Security sells about 60-80 passes per spot on campus, which makes it hard to ever find a parking spot and get our money's worth.


Cost of attendance.


The inversion of smog that lingers above the valley in which Missoula sits. It can get very cold and very gloomy somedays.


There is little diversity, in the standard sense, so it is an unusual change if you are used to a diverse area.


Administration does not prioritize disability services as it should, the support office often runs out of space for test takers and is low on funds/staff for accomodations. Some teachers seem to be poor quality(grad students) who don't know what they are talking about. The older regular professors seem slighlty unenthusiastic and grumpy. The classes are too easy. Most of students are arrogant because they are liberal to the point where they do not accept people with different viewpoints. Even members of Christian groups have rampant selfish, cliques. The campus food is slightly overpriced with not enough variety.


winter weather, lack of availability of jobs in Missoula


I wish they were able to offer more class times. As an athlete it is hard to coordinate my schedule so it does not conflict with practice times since few class times are offered for many required classes. Also I would like if they were stronger in the sciences. They are know for their drama and art schools. I would like to see research opportunities expanded. This isn't acaemically related, but I would also love to see an indoor track built. It is desperately needed since the winters are harsh and we have no protected facility to practice in.




I hate that there is smoking allowed anywhere outside on campus. Of course, there isn't supposed to be within about 50 feet from the buildings but people smoke right outside of the doors. I really hate it.


The worst thing would be the few things to do in and around the area because it is a smaller town.


The worst thing is probably some of the adjunct professors that are not very organized. They are frustrating because they don't always know how to be effective when they present the material. Another bad thing about my school is the constant construction. I am all for expanding and updating but this year (2009) got a little ridiculous.


THe worst thing would be how long the winters are. Intend on buying winter boots and a snowy comute to campus.


The inability to successfully guide or advise students about life after college. Sometimes as with the music and drama departments it seems like numbers are more important then students who really belong there. Not everyone will have a future as an opera singer or on a stage and that is not something really addressed in their education.


The winters get really icy.


Sometimes in the spring, the amount of drum circles and slack-lining dreadheads gets really overwhelming. Also, many hippies attend this school which is not a bad thing in itself, but you might end up with total stoners in your class, which is ok when they are silent, but annoying when they go off on their trite life philosophies. Also, the University of Montana could do a better job with career internship and career placement opportunities.


Sometimes the professors were not hard enough on students. Also, some professors really just wanted to lecture and weren't interested in teaching us how to learn on our own.


This school seems to be overtly liberal in many ways and a conservative such as myself sometimes needs to hold one's tongue. The liberals speak of diversity and freedom of speach, thought etc., but only if it matches thier narrow view of political correctness.


That some teachers are "it's my way or no way" in their philosophy


The tutoring program was reassigned and reworked and now help way fewer students with way fewer courses.


The Financial aid help is not good. Even if students have signed up for work study, they are often assigned to loans and have to fight to get work study even if they had it previously.


There arent enough scholarships for the average student.


There really is no "worse thing" about the school I attend. It is very helpful, energetic, and fun to be at. It is laid back but also offers many opportunities to better yourself. I enjoy going to this school because I feel welcome and know that there is always someone there to help me with any problems that I may encounter. This school provides many services so that anyone attending can fit in.


Coming from a small town, the apathy of a city is a bit harsh in my opinion. When discouraged, it can be difficult to find someone on campus with a view of the bigger picture to help pull me out of a slump.


The worst thing about the school is the amount of programs and extra-curricular activities that I would like to become involved in. I constantly find myself volunteering for various projects and attending different events that it can be somewhat overwhelming. Although I try not to let my activities interfere with my schoolwork, sometimes this does occur.


Because it is located in the low-populated state of Montana, there is a lack of cultural and ethnic diversity. About 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or more of students are Caucasian. This does limit the exposure to enriching experiences, but the university does everyting to compensate for this void. Cultural seminars are held bi-annually, speakers are brought in to discuss race and diversity issues, and there is a thriving foreign exchange student body.


The worst thing about the school is probably the lack of parking. The University is nestled against a mountain which limits is ability to expand. Off campus housing borders the other edge and the academic building eat up pretty much all of the room on a campus of just more than 200 acres including the athletic facilities. That being said parking can usually be found, you just have to be willing to take the maximum 10 minute walk across campus.


I can't really say that there is anything to terrible about the school. Some things that I might consider improving would be some of the rules and regulations. I guess to me some of them are fairly strict. Especially some of the on-campus housing restrictions. Oh, I just remembered the worst thing I dislike about the university, the Parking. There is not nearly enough parking and it can take you forever to find a spot, even if you have a parking permit.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the unfair distribution of financial funds for all of the programs.


Most of the general education classes are far too large, but I suppose this is to be expected. Only when a student reaches their junior and senior year, and narrows in on their selected major, do the classes become smaller. Also the winters are very long, and very cold.