The University of Montana Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


U of M is a good school. It has an excellent law school, pharmacy school, journalism school and business school.


This is a very good school, I'm just curious about where the leftover meal plan funds go.


The school has certain departments that are good; journalism, forestry, and business are all excellent. Liberal Arts, on the other hand, are underfunded and neglected. People care way too much about the football team, considering it isn't FCS. Many of the top players either transferred there after getting in trouble at a real D1 program, couldn't get the necessary SAT score for admissions, or just weren't scouted to them. The school is sized well, with a small campus feel despite over 13k in attendance. The fitness center is decent, and students can inexpensively rent outdoors gear. The UC aka University Center is a decent if aging student union. When the weather cooperates, the Oval in the center of campus is bustling with activity, from lax bros expecting people to be impressed with them to sunbathers to slackliners (don't ask).