The University of Montana Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are thinking of attending this school you should be open-minded and like the outdoors. This school creates a lot of opportunites for people who like to do things outdoors, and almost everyone who I have met here likes to do something outside. If you don't then you will have a much harder time enjoying life here. You should also have an open mind because there are a lot of people here who lead somewhat different lifestyles. While it is not like Portland or somewhere like that it is definately the most different town in Montana.


To attend this school I believe a person just needs to be open-minded and ready to do their best and try new things.


Someone who is Lutheran and wants to major in education or music.


Anyone who wants to pay an excessive amount for a subpar education.


The school is focused on being artistically, diversity and environmentally oriented. There are also many great health programs, and provide an excellent background for moving on to graduate programs.


Someone who likes nature and being out and about with the environment. There are lots of places to hike and hang out with the Earth.


Anyone who loves to learn and loves the outdoors!


Any one who is an outdoor enthusiast. The university if located in the Missoula Valley close to amazing river, mountains and every sort of outdoor activity from kayaking to hunting to skiing. The university if also well-known for its business and natural resources departments. The university is a great location for natural resources due to its location and access to experience in the field. So anyone interested in natural resources, this university would be a great choice.


U Of M is a school that any type of person can attend, if you're athletic we are Division 1, if you are intellegent we have a large pool of very highly regarded programs, and if you are trying to figure out where you want to go or what you want to do with your college carrier the school isnt very expensive!


Anyone can go to school here. There are many different types of people and most people are very accepting. The person should not hate snow or cold however. The winter can be rough sometimes.


The kind of person who should attend University of Montana is an independent, self directed individual who will seize the opportunity to get to know the staff and make the most out of the curriculum and the down to earth atmosphere of Montana.


Anyone who loves the outdoors, snow, and friendly people can find a place here at the University of Montana. There's a huge selection of majors so almost anyone can find theirs here. There's an amazing forestry program and the journalism school exceeds any that I researched in high school. The type of person that should attend the U of M is anyone because everyone is so accepting here and people love to make new friends.


students who have strong ties with the natural world will feel welcome at the university of montana.


I think almost any type of person could fit in here. The campus is predominantly liberal but there are a fair number of students with conservative views. There are the party-goers, those who do nothing but study and pretty much everything in between. There's research in every department, a great variety of sports and clubs, honors and community service associations, and great musical opportunities. I have friends here from almost every stereotypical social group and the great thing is even here in Montana with it's limited diversity everyone can find a solid group of friends.


The kind of person who should attend the University of Montana is one who wants to live in a cultured city in the middle of a beautiful wilderness. The person should be one who takes advantage of the opportunities available and is willing to improvise in order to discover what truly interests that person.


A good student for The University of Montana is one that likes the outdoors, sports or the arts, and is globally conscious.


The University of Montana is a place that is truly defined by diversity. It is a gem in the otherwise uniform face of Montana culture. Students who attend UM should be open-minded, able to reflect on their educational experiences, and enthused about the nature of Montana... including winters that often extend into May. They should be willing to approach new people with open arms and prepared to experience Montana hospitality at its fullest. Missoula is a place all its own, located deep in the most beautiful place on earth. Anyone would be lucky to call this place home.


A person that wants to be challenged acedemically and recreationally would be well suited to attending U of Mt. People who like to celebrate diversity and want to learn how to embrace this in their own communities would be candidates, as well as people that want to gain advanced academic insight into their specific field of study.


A student looking to attend the University of Montana should be interested in liberal arts or looking to go into a medical field such as Pharmacy or Physical Therapy.


A friendly, open minded person who can play as hard as they work


This university is best suited for people with open personalities. The school is quite liberal, so there are always activities happening that people must be open-minded about, or willing to look the other way easily. Most people would do well at this university because it is quite diverse and many different personalities thrive.


anyone could attend this school, we are big on spots as well as academics so there really is something here for everyone.


The kinds of people that should attend the University of Montana is any person that is willing the put in the time to get a degree of some sort.


The kind of person that should attend the University of Montana is someone who doesn't have a problem with diversity. Someone who is compelled do well in school and extracurricular activities also. The environment of this University is amazing; everyone is open-minded and the professors are amazing.




Anyone would easily fit into not only the college, but also the community. There is a great program in every aspect a student could look for, and there is always room to create a new club if your hobby or sport is not already a part of this great college!


The people that attend this school should be people who won't be bothered by being in a small town. There is not much of a nightlife in this town. Since Missoula is a rather "hippy" town, those that attend U of M should be very "green" and "natural."


Anyone would be happy attending the University of Montana. They have a wide range of programs that fit almost anyone's interests. It is also a great campus for those who love the outdoors. You can hike the M, go flyfishing, go camping, biking, and many more other outdoor activities.


Someone who is fairly liberal and willing to be flexible and enjoys meeting new people and trying new things.


Any person can attend the University of Montana. One great thing about the U of M is that there is such a diversity throughout the campus. A person can fit in anywhere around campus and there are plenty of activities to become involved in. Outgoing people and people who are open-minded fit in best with the atmosphere of Missoula and the University of Montana.


The kind of person that should attend this school would be anyone. You can be hard working and fun but also have to be ready to dive in to the college experience without hesitation.Its a big school so you would have to be use to a lot of poeple and not take an advantage on the whole experience at the same time.


Highly motivated, enjoys outdoor living. I was attracted to this school due to the curriculim they offered. I am a wildlife biology major and the school offers great opprotunities to participate in research and labs out in the field.


peaceful, sociable, liberal, flexible, accepting, questioning, assertive, friendly, democratic


Someone who is self motivated, interested in practical applications of knowledge, and values being outodoors.


I person who loves the outdoors/MT and loves doing any variety of sports or recreational activities. A person who gets involved and is willing to go to the immense variety of activities that Missoula offers. Someone who doesn't care how people look or how they themselves appear. Someone who likes seeing the things they learn in class applied to things happening all over campus (research, conservation efforts, etc). Anyone who likes to feel like part of an active and caring community!


A belief of mine is that students look for a form of community first in school. Missoula has a closed community, so does the university; everyone knows everyone else. A person that is most comfortable in that setting would enjoy UM. The character of an ideal UM student would be someone that doesn't have much interest in constant change. The town is mellow.


Artistic, creative dreamers, with trust funds and no hope of earning their own money with rich parents that are about do die.


One looking for an educated career.




The kind of person that wants to balance a good education with a fun environment. Someone who likes to be outdoors, who likes the mountains, and is friendly.


I think the kind of person that should attend this school should be well rounded. They should have respect for the environment and people around them. Althought this school is not extremely diverse, the people who attend this school should be open to new ideas and they should be willing to committ to diverse opportunities. I would hope that people who came to this school would be committed and friendly. I think the person should have determination towards school and other activities to help them progress through the U of M.


This school is a good choice for non-traditional students, i.e. students who are returning from a hiatus from school, students who may consider taking time off, and part-time students. The majority of students here are traditional full-time students, but the University makes it easy to pick up where you leave off if you take a break from school or don't take a full course load. Students at this school tend to be fairly liberal, mostly open-minded, and environmentally conscious. Many students come here to experience Montana's outdoor recreation opportunities.


Liberal, tree-huging potheads.


People who are relaxed and love adventures would really enjoy the University of Montana. There are many learning opportunities and it is a great setting for self-motivated people who want to be engaged with life and other people.


Our school is accepting of all backgrounds and we have a great college football program. The main campus has beautiful brick buildings and the backgound of the Rocky mountains. People who attend this school are in law, business and the medical fields. There are plenty of activities for those who enjoy outdoor sports such as skiing, hiking, camping , hunting and fishing.


The university of Montana is very diverse. I believe any student can attend this school.


Ecclectic, liberal, outgoing, fun-loving, adventure-seeking, non-fake , art-appreciating academia lovers.


Any one that want to recieve a top notch education from engaging professors, surrounded by some of most amazing wilderness in the country. The campus spirt and pride in their Grizzlies rivals that of the larger campuses. The UM has a great business program including a very unique entertainment management program as well as numerous other disiplines available at a liberal arts school.


I believe anybody who likes to feel welcome and not inferior should attend this school. There are many activities to participate in and you can make a new friend everyday. People who love the outdoors and beautiful scenery should definitely attend this school. It is placed perfectly in the mountains but still has a little bit of city to it. It is a wonderful place for wonderful people.


If you enjoy the outdoors and a diverse culture, this is a great school for you. The town has a small-town feel to it but is large enough to enjoy many cultural events such as mainstream concerts, plays, and miscellaneous activites.