The University of Montana Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who is not open minded.


I'm not really sure that there is any type of person who should not attend this university. I feel that the programs are very well balanced and that there are already many ethnicities here i do not feel any sense of segregation or racial conflict. This is a liberal arts college so it is limited to those specific items so engineering students might want to look into a different campus.


A person who does not want to live in cold weather should not go here! There are warmer schools. You should not go here if you need to be in a busy, city type area. There are things to do here but not as much as a major city.


anyone who hates the outdoors or cold. espically the cold


No one shouldn't attend this school! The people here are friendly and extremely helpful. Missoula is such a great town for people to just relax and be themselves, and The University of Montana is a great place to do so!


People that should not attend this school include people that don't like to do outdoor activities.


Anyone can attend this school, and many do from surrounding states and in-state. However, there are better programs, mostly found in more populated states.


I would say a person who loves the busy city life and unrecreational activities should not attend this school.


People seeking aggression would not fit well in Missoula, nobody likes a crab.


A person who loves outdoor activies like fishing, snowbording, skiing, hiking and floating. Some one who likes to be around nature a lot. Some one who wants an education in a liberal and artisic school. A person who likes pretty campuses and community activities. Some one who likes to have a drink after school or go dancing. Some one who likes animals and would like to see them in the wild. Some one who supports diversity of sexual orentation and supports going green.


If you love the big city and lots of people then you should not come to the University of Montana. Also, if you love the big named stores then this also is not the place for you. If you do not love outdoors or have to have fashion then you are not going to fit in here.


Nobody really. It's a great place.


The University of Montana is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in attending.


I would suggest that someone who doesn't appreciate the outdoor shouldn't attend this school because everything here in Missoula so beautiful and many fun activities are correlated with the outdoors.


The kind of person that should not attend The University of Montana is a person who is unwilling to learn, travel, experience groundbreaking opportunities, and who cannot survive on their own. The University of Montana creates an environment in which the students are all connected yet have a complete sense of individuality. At this University students discover the outdoors, while discovering what to do with the rest of their lives. U of M forces students to discover themselves and meet friends for a lifetime.


Outdooorsy. Environmentally concious. A person who likes the smaller town atmosphere. Someone who likes snow and cold weather.


A person who should not attend this school is someone who is satisfyed and content with extactly who they are. Missoula offers many opportunities for grow and self-reflection and is a wonderful place to grow and expand as a person.


Missoula has a very open society. Everyone is so encouraging, kind, and outgoing. If you walk around campus everyone is open to a conversation and getting to know each other. A person who doesn’t contain the abilities to be open to diversity and accepting to others shouldn’t attend the University of Montana. Our campus is tolerant to all kinds of people from all kinds of walks of life. A person without the ability to accept others for their differences will find it hard to fit in.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who does not enjoy the outdoors, four seasons, hiking, fishing, or beautiful scenery that is not cluttered with highrises and smog. The University of Montana is a place to cherish the outdoors and spend a lot of time exploring the local and national parks while still getting school work completed.


Individuals seeking a big city theme. Also, this is considered a liberal arts school (even though I studied pre-med), so everyone is very supportive of alternative ideas and abstract thinking.


Although the University of Montana offers a wide range of options and opportunities to a diverse group of students, there are a select few down falls to the school. One who has no interest in learning about their surrounding world, has no hope to further their education, and has no intention to be active in the community has a low chance of enjoying the plethora of options presented on the Missoula campus. Perhaps one with a mind set as such would explore the options in locations other than The University of Montana.


This question doesnt relate to the University of Montana, Missoula. Anyone would love this school and be proud to be attending. The school attends to everyones needs and makes sure everyone is comfortable. There are different ways for students to get help with classes or other problems, the school helps financially and emotionally. It will give you success in your future with any career you choose! I love being part of the community there and learning new things everyday!


no one


Racest ignorant people who are not accepting of others.


Someone who is negative and not interested in community and teamwork. Someone uninterested in social interaction with people from different races, colors or creeds. Someone who craves the rigor of city life instead of a safe and laid back environment.


Someone who likes the outdoors and doesnt mind the cold. Someone who is career minded


I think that any 'kind of person' would love to attend this school. Now if someone hates being cold and snow for 8 months of the year, I would suggest they not move to Montana.


Students who want to go to school in an exciting city and do not like the cold or outdoors should not attend the U of M.


People who are not self motivated should not attend this school.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who has been sheltered for their entire life. They will not fit in with the student body because it seems as though many of the pupils attending the University of Montana arn't very acceptive if you make an imbisile of yourself.


Someone who enjoys the outdoors, is open to new friends and having fun, likes to learn new activities and can balance weekend fun with school work.


Someone that is open minded and loves to be involved in activities. Someone that likes to be outdoors and try new things. People that like to be creative and express themselves will fit in just great. Its very easy to make friends and to have a good time.


This campus is open to all different types of people. I have not seen any discrimination based on race, religon, political views or et cetera. I think that they everyone can find their place here on campus. The University of Montana also offers a broad range of undergraduate degrees so it is easy for people to experiment with what interests them and ultimately find their niche.


I think anyone could attend this school, unless they really wanted a small campus. While we aren't the biggest school, there are classes that top out at 300 students in giant lecture halls.


everyone should attend! this place is amazing and their are all sorts of different people.


Someone who is open to new ideas and new people, has more liberal views, would appreciate Missoula's wonderful sense of community/volunteersm. Green!


At the University of Montana, there are many differnt people. I think anyone should go to school here. It is a very accepting community.


I dont know.


People who tend to be close-minded should not attend this school.


The University of Montana offers opportunities for anyone. They have a wide range of programs and activities so it's easy to find something that you are interested in. The only kind of person that I would say shouldn't attend this school is someone who can't stand harsh winters. Other than that, the school has a great campus, many helpful staff members, and plenty of ways to get involved.


Honestly, a person who is not willing to put up with copious amounts of incompetence should not attend The University of Montana.


There is no type of person that should not attend this school. The U of M is known for being one of the most accepting and diverse campuses around. You will see cowboys, goths, and dreads walking together around campus, and I just love it that way!


All should be, and are, welcome. Everyone interested in furthering their education to directly get a job in the work force should attend this school. Even those uncertain about what they want to do can begin with the basics.


I think that people seeking a more traditional college experience should not attend the University of Montana. It lacks the prominent Greek life, large number of students and big city setting that many students look for when selecting a college.


I think that any student who is willing to work hard and keep their focus while in school will succeed just fine. Here at the Montana University, we have various culture groups and many different religons. Overall, most poeple are addmitted into the school. Students are never turned away because of appearance or race. Any kind of person can make an excellent student as long as there willing to work hard.


You shouldn't attend this school if your someone who isn't sure what to do with you life yet. Just because they make sure to help you on a step by step basis, so if you end up changeing your major it would put you behind on your schooling.


Smeone who is looking for a large campus in a big city. The University of Montana is in Missoula which while it is onbe of the larger cities in Montana it is still not large. The previoyus statement especially applies to those coming from large cities.


I wouldn't discourage anybody from attending the University of Montana. It is a great university to be apart of, though if you are attending the university knowing with out a doubt that you are going to be an art major, I would suggest that you do your generals at the university and then transfer to a school for the arts after you finish your generals. The U of M has a great art department but, I think if you are serious about a degree in art, go to a school directed towards your major.


The majority of the student population loves the outdoors, are very down to earth, and overall pretty laid back. Also the many of the students demonstrate a high level of independence, due in part to The University of Montana's relative isolation. The level of physical activity here is very high with so many outdoor options, the participants must enjoy winter though. I would say the best candidate for this school would be somone who does not mind only seeing their family once or twice during the school year and who has a love of outdoor adventure.


a person who enjoys the outdoors and intends to work hard for their gpa. The campus is in a very beautiful area and the twon is very college oriented. Students are environmentally oriented and there are many options for degrees from health realated fields, to forestry, to business the majors are very diverse. This campus is a very accepting and diverse campus of ideas and views.