The University of Montana Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Thus far, I have learned that it takes many hours of studying and attending class to succeed in college. However, these habits are not negative qualities of a person but instead are demonstrative of the "real world." Beyond these lessons, I have found that other activities, such as work, choir, being a part of various clubs, recreating, and attending football games are necessary to maintain a balanced life. Getting involved is key to keeping one's sanity in tact. Of course, the most valuable of all things in college is the knowledge I have acquired. I will carry the knowledge learned in many chemistry, biology, and other related science courses with me as I pursue my career in dentistry. Knowledge allows us to become citizens in our communities that are willing to lend a hand and to contribute to the well-being of the societies in which we live. In a world where people don't always get along, these attributes may just be a stepping stone for generations. I went to college with the intention to find out what I like to learn most so that I may choose the appropriate career. College has proved to be very valuable.


Coming to UM I had high expectations for the college experience but what I found was so much more. My first year I made better friends then I've ever had before, who walked beside me through all the curve balls that first year tries to throw at you. Friends truly are the most valuable asset a person can have and if, at the end of the day, I have nothing else left, I know the friends I made that first year will be there with their insight and perspective. Though friends are the most valuable, there are many things I've gained so far. The experience of a challenging physics class that resulted in that first all-nighter, the satisfaction of seeing the impact from your honors college community service project, presenting your own research thesis, or just sharing in one of many new activities with good friends by your side. All of these memories hold valuable lessons for me: lessons in dedication, respect, motivation, and value. Lessons I couldn't learn as effectively anywhere else. At graduation I'll get a diploma, but the friendships and life lessons are what I'll take with me for a lifetime.


"Knowledge is power"; complete cliché. Since I’ve attended The University of Montana, I now, however, believe that this statement is true. I’m a nerd. You can call me anything you want. My past peers have, and frankly it has never bothered me. I love to read. I even have the glasses that perch on the tip of my nose. I’m the classic stereotype; I’m even majoring in the right department. The problem: I don’t know what kind of job I want after I graduate. I had a miniature breakdown when I realized this halfway through the semester. With a long talk with my favorite Aunt, I’ve come to the realization that knowledge really is power. Who cares if I don’t know, at least I’m out there learning! To quote one of my favorite books, The Count of Monte Cristo, “No one can take your education from you”. The Priest says this to Edmond in prison. And I believe, right along aside with my cliché, that the Priest was correct. My education is everything to me and as long as I’m there at school I’ll continue being me; the bookworm.


I've received more than words can say through the University of Montana. New friendships, experiences and overall view on life and what it has to offer are just a few. I've met people from all over the world and will be able to cherish these friendships for the rest of my life. They've opened up doors to various cultures, beliefs and ideas on everything, which in the long run has made me a more well rounded individual. Along with social interactions, my studies have broadened my horizons in the two fields I am studying. Learning one major from scratch, Communicative Sciences and Disorders, and expanding my dance career has allowed for my education and thought process to shoot sky high. Each day is a learning experience. Here at the University of Montana they strive on the diversity and community created, which brings people together for a friendly and inviting overall environment.


College is a confusing time. Everyone who I talk to says "it's okay to be lost right now." Unfortunately, that doesn't make it any more fun. I went into college thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do: Be an actor. Now, having spent a year and a half in intense study of acting I find myself wanting more. More what? Don't ask me - I'm lost. But what I find comforting about the University of Montana is that I can change my mind and it really is fine. I look at my undergraduate years as a springboard to boost me towards the kind of life I want to live. I am discovering what it is to be out on my own and what sort of lifestyle will make me happy in the long term as well as expanding my intelligence and interests. I've learned it's not about pleasing other people, but instead about pleasing yourself. I want to live a happy, fulfilling life - not the kind of life someone else considers successful. That is why, to me, UM's flexibility and independence is invaluable. I am becoming a true individual.


By attending college I have been given a privilege that few in my family have been given. My mother was the only child of five to attend college, and none of the seven children in my dad's family attended. What I have gotten so far out of my experience is the oppotunity for me to grow as a person individually, and challege myself in ways that those who do not attend are unable. There is no value that can be put on my college experience. I have always valued knowledge and learning, and college gives me an education and opportunities that can never be taken away. An education is the greatest tool a person can be given to improve their life and the world around them. It creates an understanding of other people, the ability to manage your time, and the instruments to make a better life for yourself. College has given me life long friends, incredible memories, and the confidence and knowledge to exceed in the future.


I had an inferiority complex throughout my youth. Until I went off to college everything I did was to prove my worth to my teachers, my coaches, my friends, and my parents. I obsessed over what people thought of me, and more importantly how I compared to my older sister. By doing this I limited myself to the mindset that being like her was the only way I could impress people or make them like me. I had convinced myself that anything I accomplished meant nothing if it didn‘t top her previous achievements. But college has given me a fresh perspective. By introduced me to such a diverse group of people, it has exposed me to the idea that greatness is indefinable. And so it has given me hope that I can find my own interests and passions, pursue them and still feel like I have succeeded. Valuably, college has led me to embrace who I am as an individual. It has inspired confidence. And I believe that this recently discovered pride will make my life more productive and fulfilling no matter what i do.


I think it's been the most valuable experience for me in the area of metropolitan diversity. I grew up in a town of 1500, went to a High School with 190 students, and graduated in a class of 47. The University is in Missoula, Montana, a city of 70,000, with more than 15,000 students enrolled. I found it important to go out into a larger setting and be part of a much more diverse social scene.


Twelve years before college, I attended school with the same group of 75 people, experienced the same school traditions every year, and hardly understood the true meaning of diversity. After graduation, I left this small world I knew well and entered a school with 12,000 students as opposed to the significantly smaller group I was used to. This experience was personally groundbreaking to say the least. I was forced to immediately meet new people, make new friends, and accept circumstances I thought I would never encounter. I've thus far, after only a few months, made friendships that are more intimate and valued than any I've made before. I've learned exponentially more in one semester of classes than I did throughout highschool. I have climbed a mountain, hunted for the first time, gone to a drag show, had the time of my life, and my first year hasn't even concluded. It's now easy for me to create a bond with a new acquaintence and I have learned to approach every experience as one to learn from. I have most importantly found my passion and drive to suceed in a future career as a social worker.


I worked at many jobs in between graduating highschool and starting college. Since I have been back in college I have been able to focus and spend a lot of time on homework and studying to get an in depth knoweldge about the subjects I am studying. I have gotten positive reinforcement that through hard work and actively participating in class I can learn an unbelievable amount of information, over the course of just one year. Multiply this by many years and my ability to learn has only gotten better, which I am experiencing as becoming a better student every subsequent year that I am in school. One skill I have appreciated acquiring is the ability to multi-task. This is a very important skill in life, learning to focus on the most important task at hand first, then moving down the list depending on the time needed to acquire knoweldge and the time limit that is in place to learn what is required. Being proficient at juggling multiple tasks at once is priceless especially in a workplace that requires multiple problems or tasks to be attended to throughout the day, week and months.


My college experience has been a long roller coaster ride. At times there have been many struggles, distractions and obstacles along the way, but I realized that the will to succeed will bring a person to success. When i started college I had high expectations of myself to do well in my classes. I worked hard and actually did well in my studies. I applied for a program twice and did not make it into the program. This was a significant crush to me. I was very disappointed and unhappy. After this episode in my life my school work went down the drain and I lost focus in my studies. I didn't know what to do. A few semesters went by and i realized that i needed to choose a new major. I refocused and regrouped and my last semester I took 19 credits and received a 3.79 GPA. It was the hardest semester of my life. I also worked part-time and had time to go snowboarding and play hockey. I believe that because of this experience i have learned a valuable lesson. Life can bring you down, but it's how u get up that matters.


College has been an eye opener for me. When I was in high school, living with my parents, I always had to make sure what choices I made in my life were okay with my parents. But when


The first day of college was one of the most exciting days of my life. It was the begining of a new era of my life. College professors are much different than teachers in high school, because they expect more out of you. The amount of work that is given is much greater than that of high school classes. One of the most scary parts of the college experience is actually being on your own and not having your mother and father there for you all of the time. They are not there to tell you to get up and go to class or to do your homework, and that is why it is the time of your life in which you must truly become a responsible person. Depending on your degree it can be the most important 2-8 years of your life. It may take more than eight years but whatever the degree is studies show that you will make on average$ 25,000 more with a college degree. Therefore, taking these years and really buckling down and working hard is worth it.


I developed critical thinking skills, a better sense of myself, and wonderful friends. College was a great environment for me to accel in a field that I feel passionate about and provided an opportunity to meet people who have a similar goal. Going to college assisted me to get a job that I wanted and know that I have the potential and confidence to apply what I learned in the workfield. I value the opinion of others and I was lucky to have a couple of classes where discussion was common and I gained insight on what others thought and why. Having professors who cared and wanted me to succeed helped me feel that I made the right choice to be in college. I love to learn and was interested in all the possible opportunities my college offered, such as: giving back to the community, being involved in intramural soccer, the variety of extracurricular activities, interesting people, and biking to and from school. I believe knowledge is power and college gave me the confidence and ambition to apply what I learned to make a difference and to believe in myself.


I came to college with a set plan, a set goal and was content upon starting and completing that goal in four year. However, my year and a half here at the University has opened my mind, heart and eyes to oppurtunities better suited for me than I ever thought imaginable. I have learned no matter how much you think you know, you can always learn more. No matter who you know, you can always find room in your life for more people. And even if you think you cannot improve anymore, there is always room for self improvment. These are extremely valuable lessons that have not only helped me in my colligate activities, but will continue to help me throughout my life.


Although I just started attending school in the Fall 2010 semester, I have gotten many things out of my college experience. I have learned that I have to spend time on subjects if I want to get a decent grade because it isn't like high school at all in that it challenges me more as a student. Independence is the main trait I have received by attending college. Living on my own, paying for things myself, and taking responsibility to be an excellent student have all taught me how to be more independant. Although my GPA doesn't show it, I believe I have worked hard for my grades. It took some adjusting to the classes and teachers to get an acceptable grade on a test, but I think I did well making the right adjustments. The most challenging class I had, I received a C in because even though the tests were very hard, I took time to read the material and take notes. Although a C isn't a very good grade I take pride in it because I worked hard for that grade and deserved it.


I entered college as a freshman unsure of myself, and unsure of my abilites. Through my first semester I have learned so much about life itself. I’ve learned that there will be times when bad choices will occur, and the best thing I can do is be honest with myself, and with others. I’ve learned that no matter what, "my best" is the most important thing anyone will ever expect from me. I’ve learned how to adapt to a new work environment, and to a new life style. I’ve learned to budget properly, and how the significance of that can mean the difference between returning next semester or going back home to stay with my parents. I’ve learned that there are some phenomenal people in the world who I can trust, respect, depend upon, and adore. I’ve learned that my best friends are the ones with me when I am at my lowest and most vulnerable. But what I have learned most this semester is how to be responsible, mature, and self-confident. I transitioned out of that high school mentality and I'm now ready to begin my journey through College.


I have gotten so much out of college in these past three years. I have made great friends whome I never would have met if I had stayed at home and not gone after higher education. Along with meeting great friends I have also found a love for learning American Sign Language and forestry. I am currently debating whether or not to have a minor in either. Attending college has also helped me become more independent and break out of my shell. I used to be very shy but now I am social and outgoing.


When I first started attending the University of Montana I was embarrassingly selfish. I focused solely on my problems while ignoring all the more important worldly evils. I was accustomed to beauty and that’s what got me hooked to Montana. I remember being so mesmerized by the loveliness and grand style of all the buildings. But the gorgeous outlay of the mountains surrounding the entire town is what actually fixed my attention. This environment is so full of beauty, and thankfully made me enjoy learning so much more. Because even though as human beings we try to deny our superficial selves, appearances are always what seize our interest first. However, the education of a college town is what never lets us leave. This college challenges me in more ways than one and makes me be a better individual for this colossal world. Montana has challenged me intellectually, and has made me realize exactly who I am and what I want to become. Montana has challenged me maturity wise, making me grow up and focus on other’s problems instead of my own. Most importantly, Montana has shown me how to be valuable individual creating solutions for our world.


My college experience has been exciting, hard, frustrating, and a lot of work. All of these experiences have made my schooling at The University of Montana very worth while and valuable because they have helped me become a well-rounded individual. The sense of pride in the school and among peers is moving and makes athletic events very exciting to attend and be a part of. My professors have pushed me so I can see what I am capable of accomplishing and achieving in the academic and real-world settings. The amount of work I have put in to my education at The University of Montana has been rewarding and frustrating. When I felt I could not accomplish what my professors believed I could accomplish, my professors have been supportive and available to talk about my concerns. After I accomplished my goals and put in a lot of hard work, my college experience has been rewarding and very exciting. It is amazing to have professors who are competent and available to help students. The University of Montana has been an invaluable experience and definitely worth while to attend.


Attending the University of Montana has given me a clear sense of how my values can be applied to my career goals. I feel great satisfaction from attending classes that heighten my awareness of how I can contribute to my community. I feel a sense of pride at my success and know that my daughters will benefit from growing up in an environment where education is valued and respected. The further that I ascend in my goal toward graduation, the closer I become to having the skills required to successfully contribute to my field. The liberal education that is emphasized at the University of Montana helps to round out my experience and offers me the knowledge required to be successful in my career choice and in living a fulfilling life. I have great respect for many of my professors and I consider their impact to be one that will enhance mine and my families experiences throughout our lives. Though I have struggled on occasion, my school career has been one that I value and am eager to put it to use.


I've been out of high school for two years, graduating in 2009, and I can say that my experiences have taught me many lessons that I hope to take on to Dartmouth College. Since high school graduation, ice hockey has given me a lot. I'm committed to play at Dartmouth College, but since its Ivy League, am unable to recieve athletic scholarhips. During high school, I focused lots on sports and my academics. What I didn't do in high school was help my community. Since 2009, I've been playing junior hockey in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and have thus learned what it's really like to help the city. Whether if it's a visit to the St. Lukes Hospital or to a local elementary school, I'm alway excited to help out. Children in Cedar Rapids really look up to players on my team, and we have to be real role models to them. This has taught me certain humility and to care about others as well. I hope to take these experiences I've gained in Cedar Rapids to college and thereafter.


College has been inspirational & revolutionary for me. Based on the fact I am the first to go to college in my family and receive my AA degree and go on to continue in college to obtain my BA degree.I thought it was going to be impossible due to my family's situation financially.I have become a better person & most of all a better teacher for my two children whom I have always wanted them to look up to me and say "my mommy did it and she never gave up".It has been extreamly valuable for me to attend to prove to myself and family and the judicial system that people can change and just because you make some bad choices as a teenager that land in a very bad situation behind bars, doesn't have to dictate your future of success.I wanted to show people just what change looks like. It has indeed made me a better human being for education enriches the soul & that no one will ever be able to take that away from you.I have learned that they may take your freedom but they will never be able to take your education.


College is an experience every person should be able to have. Attending, it teaches you things beyond your high school knowledge. You really get into depth of what it is to grow up, to live, and to thrive as an individual. Least that is what it has taught me so far. You are able to pick the courses you want and that will benefit your major and eventually help you with the knowledge in the career path you choose. Taking specific courses is great because you learn more of what you want to become and thats how people decide who they want to be. As for me, i want to become a gerneral surgeon. Attenting college gave me that choice to take my biology classes that i needed. In high school they do not off that. I have learned more of the anatomy of a person, doses of medicine to give people, and basic needs a person well needs. It teaches you to depend on yourself and the true value of an education and of money. It test you on so many levels. Yet all are worth experiencing. College is valuable and should not be taken for granted use it.


My college experience was a convoluted journey through various interests and majors. While providing the foundation needed as a medical student, I developed fully as a contributor to society. After my 6 year undergraduate adventure, I truly have explored my interests, discovered my passions, and now possess the confidence to pursue a fulfilling career. My freshman GPA was a measly 1.98 as I staggered through majors and fumbled with my personal life. Having to support myself financially, I developed a deeper understanding of words such as responsibilities, goals, and pride. Since my freshman year, my GPA soared to a 3.9 and, recently, I was accepted into Boston School of Medicine, my proudest achievement. I was able to overcome obstacles inside and outside the classroom through hard work, tenacity, and the will to overcome. Others recognized the changes in me and supported me. These mentors have believed in me, facilitated my inner strength, and given me the confidence to pursue my passion of medicine. I hope to one day be a compassionate and nurturing physician who, like my mentors, believes in my patients, instills them with confidence, and helps them find their inner strength. Thank you for your consideration.


I'm happy to say I get to go to college. I consider myself being very blessed to have a place where I can grow as a person. Community college to me is like a freash start. In highschool i was so focused on the social part , that I lost track of my grades. When I graduated from highschool I had a chance to pursue my dream of becomming a successful broadcaster on a popluar radio station. wasting my time was not an option. So when i got accapted to EDCC I prepared myself for an experience of a life time. I knew I would have to grow up and take charge of my education. My focus was to do my best so I may earn my communication's degree. Each class I took kept me focused and busy, I appriciate higher level education enough to realize that the people here are dedicated to their work. The teachers and staff have a purpose here and that inspires me to work hard each day. I enjoy the independent learning as well as the free time. Each day i find my learning something new about the class and about myself.


I first went to college right out of high school. I did not have a clue what I wanted to do with my life, and did not take advantage of all college has to offer. Once I graduated with a liberal arts degree, and had a couple of unfulfilling jobs, I realized I needed a more exciting career. I am returning to college for my nursing degree now, and expect to not only be more satisfied with my college experience (I actually study now!) but will eventually have a job that’s challenging, in a good way—not the “it’s a challenge to show up for work every day” way. I will earn more income as well, which of course adds to life satisfaction.


As a new student at the University of Montana, I have been given the opportunity explore the privilege of a college education. Going to school in Missoula Montana continues to present numerous possibilities for my interests and my future. However, the underlying premise, and perhaps the factor of highest importance, is that the thriving campus has exposed me to more than an adult world filled with politics, religion, culture, economic struggles, responsibility, intellect, and maturity. In simple terms, I have been given the opportunity to grow as an individual and make an effort to define my place in society. While in college I have only begun to discover a slice of the surrounding world I live in and I look forward to unique future opportunities on campus.


Attending the University of Montana has helped me improve my life now and also my life in the future. Being a part of this school gives me pride with the success it has in the athletic programs to the amount of graduates that go out into the world ready to make a difference. I get something out of everyday I attend my classes, my teachers are excellent with what they teach and each day I learn something that will help me with my obstacles in my future! I will be confident with going into a classroom and successfully teaching students from kindergarten to a senior in high school. Along with the academic part of the University of Montana this school also gives many other extracurricular activities to get involved with and meet new people. While attending the University of Montana I have met friends that will stay with me for my life! The University of Montana has helped me grow as a person and as an educator!


Before attending the University of Montana, I was tremendously shy . Being confident was not in me. The thought of standing up in front of people or, even, just being the center of attention excruciatingly scary. Upon arrival at college, I was not sure if I would make it. I missed home terribly and I was not making friends. Over time, the welcoming people at this campus befriended me and helped me break out of my shell. Over the last two years, I have become a more self-assured person and have decided to major in Elementary Education. No longer is there a girl right out of high school who couldn’t stand up in front of people inside of me. Instead, there is a young woman who can confidently meet new people and have a fulfilling career. College has socially and academically made me a better person. Before, college my grades were flawless but I lacked socially. Nowadays, college has enabled me to become a well-rounded person. It is true when they say that college prepares you for your future. College is a place where you can come into yourself and that, in my opinion, is extremely valuable.


I have learned a lot of new things and met a lot of new people during my college experience. It has been valuable to attend because you can not get this experience anywhere else and it has taught me a lot about myself and what I want out of life.


College has shown me that with perserverance, determination, and integrity, I can achieve my goals. Come graduation spring 2011, I will have successfully earned Associate degrees in Speech Language Pathology, Social Sciences, and Liberal Studies. It has been valuable for me to attend college because it has furthered my desire to help people, and a career in Speech Language Pathology is how I wish to do that. College has also helped me learn responsiblity, self reliance, and independence, and has also helped me establish lasting connections and friendships. This scholarship will help me further my education to Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Speech Language Pathology, and will allow me to help children and adults in schools and hospitals thoughout my community. As a fulltime student, working part time for minimum wage, I have not only seen, but know first hand, that a college degree is imparative to a successful career in any field. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding my scholarship application.


I have attended college on and off for the past six years. When I first started in 2005, it was out of obligation of expectations of society and family pressure. I struggled with the direction of what degree I wanted to pursue, and obtaining money to pay for living expenses and tuition, which resulted in low grades and frustration. After taking an almost two year break from school, and working in various job fields, I have finally found accounting is what I am wired for and passionate about. I am no longer attending school because it is what my parents want and what you are supposed to do, but because I love learning about accounting, and my gpa of 4.0 last semester reflects that. My motivation to become a CPA keeps me focused and excited for what the future holds. Being unemployed and married presents financial challenges that I do no want to get in the way of me obtaining my undergraduate degree. My financial need is to cover the cost of books, tuition, and living expenses. I have demonstrated the ability to succeed after a two year break of college, and maintaining a 4.0 last fall.


The University of Montana has assisted me in so many ways; I have never felt more satisfied with my career path and chosen field of study. My professors were always accessible and willing to help whenever I was struggling. I entered college with a completely different major than what I began with, somehow I managed to change from Physical Therapy to English Teaching. My classes at the University of Montana helped me realize what direction my education would be the most successful. In addition to formulating a strong carreer path, this University has given me life-long friends, with peers and faculty alike. I can walk away from the University of Montana with a handful of resources, and unlimited ties with my professors and fellow students. Philanthropy holds new meaning to me as I enter the world as a Grizzly alum; I can hold my head high when looking back on my alma mater. The University of Montana has been the most valuable choice I have made in my eighteen years of education, and I would not have been satisfied with high education if I would have attended any other University.


After graduating high school I took 4 years off of school to work and, live on my own. I Saw what life is like outside of school without the opportunity’s you have with a degree. Ever sense I enrolled at my university I have learned something new every day. I am very involved with my university and have a stronger understanding of life due to the active role I play on campus. It has taught me how your own motivation can open doors that you never thought could be opened, and that your personal interaction with people is the most important part of discovering who you are. The value of attending school is not something I could put a price on because the experiences I have had (both good and bad) are worth more than any sum of money. The small decisions that I make can change the lives of the people surrounding me, and by participating in school I am learning how to change their lives for the better. In short I would say the greatest value of attending school is learning that my life has never been just about me. - Thank you.


Along with learning all of these new things and the many new perspectives gotten more than the typical education. When I graduate I will walk away with a large base of friends that have like minded interests, hobbies and career goals. Along with friends I will have a strong network of contacts that I can go to in my future years to help move my career forward and help them move there careers forward as well. It has been so valuable for me to attend college because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and power. I am the first in my family to attend college and upon my completion I feel that my family along with me will feel satisfied and accomplished. The advancement of knowledge and thinking and networking and socail activites make up who you are as a student, employee and person. Here at the University of Montana I am figuring out what makes me and that is the greatest value of all.


Education is highly valued. I feel that I wanted to attend a college where I felt I could get a great education, meet amazing people, stay active in school activities, and come out knowing I have such an amazing future ahead of me. I feel that The University of Montana sums it up. I have been able to be myself and learn so much in not only my classes, but also about people and the world. I will look back to my college days and know I did made the right choice to come back to Montana. It is a beautiful, calming, and spirited place to attend school. The professors are helpful and the uniqueness of the students makes you feel right at home. I love how conservatives can mingle with liberals and the bookworms can hang with the Griz football players. We all seem to get along great here. I wouldn't choose to go to school anywhere else. I have found life long friends, great experiences, and of course education in all aspects of life. Go Griz!


So far my college experience is very limited due to the short amount of time I have attended. However, I gained much needed experience in managing my time among the courses I have taken and the social experience was eye-opening. I have always kept to myself but while in class I was shown by a specific teacher that its always good to go in with an open mind and be ready to share your ideas and thoughts with my peers. I see things in a different perspective now and I am always questioning everything because that is the only way I am going to expand my knowledge. I think that college has been effective and I am more than ready to go head long into it once more full time.


I have gained many, close relationships from my college experience, in addition to knowledge and skills that have helped me in the workforce. Going to school with all types of people has opened my mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking. I have been able to experiment in various fields, seeing which one worked for me, before making a lifelong commitment to just one. I am thankful for all of these experiences.


Each and every day I learn something new about my craft. I am an Acting major and the hands-on experience I get in college has been the best way to learn. I am taught new ways to get better and I am encouraged by the faculty and staff to get better. I also learn things about other fields such as philosophy and psychology through the educational processes. College is the best place to learn about various things because each individual is given the freedom to learn whatever they want. In college everyone learns how to interact with others and find ways to fuction in today's society. I believe that everyone should go to college to learn not only about their desired job but also about themselves. The college experience has taught me so much about myself that I am a completely different person that the kid who graduated high school. I have discovered what I want to do with my life and I know that without going to college I never would have discovered my love and passion for Acting. College prepares everyone for the future. I feel that when I graduate I will be ready to succeed.


Everyone thinks that you are going to college to learn in the classrooom, but I have found that outside of the classroom is where I have been taught the most. As an Advocate for the University of Montana I have been able to learn from every one that has come my way, and teach the incoming freshman about what my experience is like here on campus. Being able to say that I helped an incoming student transition a little better from high school to college has been something that has made an inpact on me.


I feel college has given me several different types of resources in order to navigate life and realize my potential. Academically school provides great challenges on a day to day basis that keeps my brain energized and functioning. I am in a constant process of deduction, research, and problem-solving that makes me an overall better decision-maker in life. Intellectually it presents new ideas that cause me to reflect inward and ponder who I really am and where I fit in the greater scheme of community, local and global, and where I can use my talents to contribute to making my community and the world a better place to be. Socially, college is one of the best environments to discover your individuality and your talents and to cultivate and nurture them. I have been exposed to many different types of people and have learned tolerance and acceptance for many types of lifestyles and belief systems that I may not have otherwise been exposed to in my hometown community. I would not be who I am without my experience in college, and I think I am a wonderful, fascinating person that has much to give back to the world.


Attending the University of Montana has been invaluable to me, personally and professionally. I graduated with two degrees, and due to a school-based work-study program, I was able to get a full-time job in the field I was pursuing. My professors wanted their students to learn, and they helped me find the topics I was interested in. My college experience not only afforded me education, but I also grew personally. The attitude at this university specifically promotes people to be open-minded and accepting of all people, ethnicities, religions, and personalities. This helped me become a more tolerant and understanding person, an attitude that leads to a more successful life. I learned a lot while attending the University of Montana, and this has led me to return to the school in pursuit of a graduate degree. I enjoyed my experience and felt that the education was valuable. I want to obtain more knowledge, and I would not have the drive I have and professional goals if I had not attended college. College is important for not only learning, but also for maturing into a goal-oriented adult.


This is my first year of college, and I finished up my first semester with a mix of relief and anxiety for the future. The relief came from witnessing that college is completely different than high school, which I am thankful for. For 12 years in the public system, I had always felt caged. During the last half of my senior year of high school, I finished online and was more isolated than I had ever imagined I would be. But college brought freedom. It felt so great to sit in a class for an hour or so, and then be able to walk around outside or sit with my friends while I waited for another class to begin. I could be home by 2 and relax or go to work not feeling exhausted. Now that I have transferred to a university though, I am anxious about the debt and student loans. Nothing terrifies me more than to be drowning in a sea of debt by the time I am ready to graduate. I am doing this on my own without help from my parents. But it has made me stronger because of it.


My past and first semester of college has been very eventful for me. One, I played football for a first year program. We had a lot of ups and downs, and it taught me to persevere through tough times because things will only get better in the future. I've also created friendships that was very valuable to me, being that I attended a college over a 1000 miles away from home. These friends helped me settle down, and I'm more comfortable then I was when I first got to school. Even the faculty members are down to earth. I feel a sense of security with my Professors because it's a completely different setting than High School. So far my experiences have been nothing but helpful and I look forward to continue these experiences next semester and my remaining 31/2 years.


Attending college has been wonderful as far as growing up and finding out who I am goes. It is a time where you can decide what your priorities really are and what you are really willing to get out of life. So far, I have grown tremendously in college. I have felt what it is like to have my heart broken, yet still managed to find my soulmate. I have gained a new determination in my athletics after recieving back surgury a few months ago thanks to amazing teammates and coaches. I have valued every stupid decision I have made because I have learned from each and every one of them. College has given me so many problem solving skills that I would never get anywhere else. I know that my career is going to be amazing based on how hard I have learned to work.


For the first eighteen years of my life, the word change was hardly a part of my vocabulary. When it was time to embark on a new chapter in my life, to say I was terrified is an understatement. Not only was I moving to a new city and attending a new school, I would have to develop a new routine and try new things. The butterflies engulfed my stomach the whole first day, but I lived through it. Attending college has shown me that trying new things keeps life interesting, as well as develops my academic, leadership, and social skills. I have had so many experiences since that first day, school related and not, that I am so estatic I did not miss out on because of my fear of change and new things. My most recent big leap of faith came this past semester when I applied for a position where I would have to teach my own group of students, and got it! I still get the occasional butterflies before the first time of trying something, but the fact that I have the courage to do it despite the butterflies is the best feeling in the world.


Since attending college, I have developed my own opinions and have learned who I am as an individual. I have had many learning experiences that I would have never had anywhere else. The diverse knowledge of all the teachers in the Fine Arts department have helped me pick and choose what I like most. Deciding to go to college has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Most of all, I feel confident that, I will be able to use my degree to make a living in what I love to do.


I have been able to learn how to become a serious scientist and researcher. I have also been given the opportunity to transcend the socio-economic level by earning my Bachelors degree and working toward my Master's degree. College has been a vehicle to change my familiies cycle of generational drug abuse. I am a first generation college graduate.


What have I gotten out of my college experience? Well, I'm not sure for I am still attending. One thing I do know for sure is that I have absolutely no idea of what I wish to study or become in the future. I do believe that if I continue with my college experience, I am bound to find and perhaps spark an interest in a potential future career. I am a wandering soul to the core but have yet to be lost. Perhaps, I will get lost in the immense amount of education and knowledge my college has to offer me.